A Mississippi Slave Emancipation Story from 1821 that Caught My Attention

This is from the public and private acts section of Turner’s Mississippi Code of 1823.

Of Lucinda Jcfferson.

By An act to emancipate Lucinda Jefferson, passed November 24, 1821, the said girl Lucinda Jefferson is emancipated, set free from slavery and is invested with all the rights, privileges and immunities of any other free white […]

Grant’s wish for how the Civil War would be remembered has taken longer than he’d hoped….

After noting that the Mexican War battles of Chapultepec and Molino del Rey were celebrated in Mexico as if they were great victories, which they were not, Grant writes;

With us, now twenty years after the close of the most stupendous war ever known, we have writers– who profess devotion to the nation– engaged in […]

Local sculptor Rod Moorhead commissioned to make memorial to infant slave deaths in the German Coast area of Louisiana

One of the things I’ve been collecting for some time is historical references to African-American fife and drum music. This tradition has almost died out in the south– Othar Turner and his family in the Tate/Panola County area in Mississippi are an example of a tradition that has died out everywhere else in the south. […]