Notes on Re-Reading: Dam and Damn in Noel Polk’s rewriting of The Sound and the Fury

I’ve been looking at the Norton Critical Edition of The Sound and the Fury today. It uses the Noel Polk “corrected” text. Laying aside other qualms, one thing I’ve tripped over, repeatedly, is that the Polk version of Faulkner consistently spells damn without the final n (Jason damns a lot of things), while the first […]

Noel Polk, Faulkner scholar, has died

Noel Polk, most prominently, the editor of “corrected texts” of William Faulkner’s work, and editor of Faulkner’s work for the Library of America, has died at 69. He taught for decades at University of Southern Mississippi, and most recently at Mississippi State. In addition to editing Faulkner (and Robert Penn Warren’s All The Kings Men), […]