I am considering a new comment rule

Update: I have changed the Commenting Guidelines to reflect (in boldface) the changes I am considering. Let me know what you think about the changes (as opposed to what you think about other folks making comments) in comments; I’ve about decided to do this unless there is a reasoned objection.

Before I state the rule, […]

Why some comments don’t appear

I have only a few criteria for letting a comment through. One is that I require a legitimate email address. I can’t always tell, but if at a glance, the email address looks bogus, I don’t let the comment through. Another is that I don’t allow sock-puppetry if I can prevent it. Thus, anyone who […]

Blog tweaks

I’ve been trying to figure out why the edit comments feature didn’t work. It may be fixed (I hope so).

I’m using a plugin called WP Ajax Edit Comments, which worked like a charm for a long time but (apparently through a dispute with WordPerfect about upgrades) got disabled. The dispute has been resolved, and […]

A slight change to the comments policy

I make a concerted effort to allow open comments by people who respect a certain level of civility. In the last three weeks, though, I’ve for the first time not let through comments from new users where the comments seemed to push into what seemed inappropriate. The first involved speculation (which turned out to be […]

Comments from Fake Email Addresses

Comments from fake email addresses are deleted. I spot-check email addresses, which is a nuisance, and delete comments from anyone where the test email bounces.

For some reason, the Medicaid fraud thread has produced several barrages of repeat comments from fake email addresses. At least one had actual content to the comment, and I would […]

Comments and moderation

The only time that comments should be held in moderation is the first time. Occasionally, the software “holds” a comment from an existing user; when I notice that, I just let it through. That’s abnormal and it is not something I cause to happen; don’t take it personally.

On the other hand, new user’s posts […]

Conclusions drawn from those penumbras emanating within the commenting guidelines

I’ve been thinking about adding a new rule to the commenting guidelines, but then went back and re-read the existing guidelines, and decided (following as my precedent Griwsold v. Connecticut) that the rule I wish to declare is certainly suggested or implied (or something) by the existing guidelines. And so I’m going to announce an […]

Thursday morning open thread

So, I spent the last half hour doing combat with spurious comments instead of blogging. Not fun, and produces nothing for you guys.

If you want to give me suggestions what to add to the commenting guidelines to discourage another outbreak, I’d apreciate the suggestions.