In today’s unauthorized practice of law

Folks came into my office today because they where having trouble filing out the divorce papers they’d bought over the internet.

It seems it was a cash-only website that sends out the papers COD. At a glance, the papers were surprisingly good but lacking in several respects. I won’t say how because I don’t want to help them clean up their act.

So why did these people come to me with their questions? It seems that the website from which they purchased the papers had a photograph of MY LAW OFFICE on its home page and, when they got confused about the papers (for both the understandable reasons that the papers were missing something the papers seemed to say was both required and included, and that the papers were pretty complicated for a law reader to follow because they were designed to guide a reader through a number– but not all– of the possible permutations of a divorce, e.g. kids/no-kids, contested/uncontested), they recognized the law office and so came here with their questions.

The price is the same, which makes me wonder if they are connected to the classified ads described in a prior post.

I intend to investigate further.

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