Complete returns for the Third Circuit judge race, and some notes on what changed between the general election and the run-off

Here are the returns for the Third Circuit Court run-off election yesterday.

  Byers   Luther     Number Percentage Number Percentage Benton 239 29.65% 567 70.35% Calhoun 230 16.56% 1159 83.44% Chickasaw 760 39.62% 1158 60.38% Lafayette 615 18.72% 2671 81.28% Marshall 1555 49.02% 1617 50.98% Tippah 202 7.59% 2460 92.41% Union 116 4.69% […]


I have total returns for all counties (from the Daily Journal), and county returns for Chickasaw County (from the Chickasaw Daily Journal) and Lafayette County (obtained by me from the Circuit Clerk). I do not have returns for Marshall, although I have been reliably informed that Kelly Luther carried that county, Benton, Calhoun, Tippah, and […]

Today: Vote in the Third Circuit Court judicial runoff in North Mississippi


Folks in the following counties have an important judicial election tomorrow: Lafayette, Benton, Calhoun, Chickasaw, Marshall, Tippah, Union. The candidates on the ballot are Kelly Luther and Shirley Byers. I have previously posted about Shirley Byers’s prior experience as a judge.

I am supporting Kelly Luther. He has 19 […]

Congress gave the President the authority to “Establish[ ] national immigration enforcement policies and priorities” and that’s what Obama did

The quote in the title is the full text of 6 U.S.C. ยง 202(5).

Executive discretion– the most familiar example being prosecutorial discretion– is a bedrock concept of our law. The executive cannot pursue every case, and so they have the authority, often explicitly granted by statute, to select what cases to pursue. It is […]

Remember that lawsuit by the Sons of Confederate Veterans?

That memorial lawsuit by the Sons of Confederate Veterans seems to have gone nowhere. They got issued a summons for a Rule 81 hearing (what were they seeking, a divorce?) for a hearing that was never actually scheduled, and a lawyer appeared for the University, and then… nothing. Not even a return on the summons. […]

We All Must Look The Same To Them

Anderson is going to love this one.

This was in the Chittenango, New York may have been in a newspaper’s sports section this morning. From Shannon Lovejoy on Facebook.

Update: I wondered about the cut off masthead, which should have been a big read flag. When someone goof on Facebook tried to foist this […]

Third Circuit Judicial Race, Part 1: Judge Byers, the First Amendment, and Due Process of Law


There’s a runoff in the Circuit Court race in the Third Circuit Court district. That encompasses Tippah (Ripley), Benton (Ashland), Marshall (Holly Springs), Lafayette (Oxford), Union (New Albany), Calhoun (Pittsboro) and Chickasaw (Houston / Okolona) Counties.

The run-off is between Shirley Byers and Kelly Luther. Luther’s credentials are ones that […]

Daily Journal article on Shirley Byers being sanctioned by the Mississippi Supreme Court

Bobby Harrison has an article in the Daily Journal about the Third Circuit run-off that focuses on Shirley Byers having been reprimanded by the Mississippi Supreme Court for wrongfully jailing a reporter. The article doesn’t fully spell it out; she was reprimanded for a number of violations of the canons of judicial ethics in that […]

Small World: Steve Hayne crops up as business associate and friend of Cecil McCrory, indicted in Epps kickback

Emily Le Coz has a good article outlining the career and businesses of former legislator Cecil McCrory, who was indicted for kickbacks to DOC head Christopher Epps this week. One name that cropped up: Steve Hayne. Yes, the same Steve Hayne who for years was the go-to pathologist for law enforcement seeking… uh… creative testimony […]

Results in the Third Circuit Judge Race

Benton Calhoun Chickasaw Lafayette Marshall Tippah Union Byers 774 1263 1986 3848 3567 1082 1566 Jones 496 327 182 1711 2500 603 595 Luther 506 1494 1493 2771 881 2598 3060 1776 3084 3661 8330 6948 4283 5221 Total percentage Byers 14086 42.3% Jones 6414 19.3% Luther 12803 38.4% Oxford Byers 2388 Jones 1238 […]