Notes on the Confederate Memorial Lawsuit: What the statute says

Miss. Code. Ann. § 55-15-81 is the statute the Sons of Confederate Veterans relies upon. Relating to “Any Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican-American War, War Between the States, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, War in Iraq or Native American War’s”, the statute provides:

(1) […]

For those curious how ESPN Gameday is supposed to work in the Grove this weekend…

If “work” is the right word.  This will be a carnival, without doubt.

Notes on the Confederate Memorial lawsuit: Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander

I’ve pulled another standing case, which speaks in important ways to both the standing issue and, as to one claim, the merits issue.  It’s a pretty funny case for the SCV to have to explain away.

The overriding question is whether the SCV has any particularized injury on which to base their claim.  When they […]

Notes on the Confederate memorial lawsuit: The Sons do not appear to have standing to sue

Here, the Sons of Confederate Veterans are filing suit asserting the rights of its members. They allege a couple of injuries. One is that some members are descended from or relatives of people buried in the cemetery and have a right of access to it. There is absolutely no evidence that the University has any […]

McDaniel reply brief in the election contest has been filed

There are not many surprises. Most of the brief is an argument that Kellum, the case holding there is a 20 day deadline, is not the law. The brief argues that it is not the law because the statute it construed has been repealed, because the reenactment of the statute materially changed it, and because, […]

Notes on the Confederate Memorial Lawsuit: The plaintiff’s “petition” makes claims they can’t prove and one they can prove

The last post contained the University statements about what they intended to do relating to things like the Confederate statue. They looked to a model that “[w]ithout attempts to erase history, even some difficult history, and without removing existing statues and building names… initiate[d] an effort to provide contemporary context for some of our existing […]

Notes on the Confederate Memorial lawsuit: What, exactly, does the University say it is going to do?

The lawsuit was in response to the university’s “Action Plan on Consultant Reports and Update on the Work of the Sensitivity and Respect Committee”. While the Sons of Confederate Veterans allege that they were unable to see this plan (implying it was some sort of secret), it is readily available online. Here is the University […]

Notes on the Confederate memorial lawsuit: They think this gets them a TRO?

The complaint begins by asking for a Temporary Restraining Order, which is as thin a request for that relief as I’ve ever seen. That relief would, of course, require the plaintiff (well, petitioner, according to the complaint. Among other things, the lawyer who drafted this is unaware of Miss.R.Civ.Pro. 7(a). Since I am, I’m going […]

Where is (or was) Confederate Drive at the University of Mississippi?

There’s been some question about where, exactly, the road called Confederate Drive might have been. My memory was that it ran from the old dorms by the cafeteria to the Confederate cemetery, and then, when the Tad Pad was plopped down in that path, it ended there. Turns out, that’s close, but, at least recently, […]

Marshall Ramsey: McDaniel and McJournalist Charles Johnson vs. Jim Hood