Hobby Lobby and Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (including the one in Mississippi)

I have read most of Justice Ginsburg’s dissent in the Hobby Lobby case and some of the majority opinion, and the upshot seem to be this: When Congress passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, it made clear its intent to overturn a couple of United States Supreme Court cases. But, Justice Ginsburg argues, what the […]

Early Summer Breakfast

One of my favorite breakfasts is blueberries from my yard, peaches from Cherry Creek Orchard in Pontotoc, blackberries from another grower at MidTown Farmer’s Market (sorry I didn’t get the name), cantaloupes (these are from Lucedale because locals aren’t in yet, which seems a little late. I’ve learned to time all these things that […]

Mississippi Supreme Court’s opinion in Carrothers v. State: Important case on experts & reliability of eyewitnesses

On Thursday, the Mississippi Supreme Court released an important decision in Carothers v. State, the core of which involved the admissibility of an expert witness the defendant offered on the science of the unreliability of eyewitness identification testimony. The majority opinion, by Chandler, rejects admission largely on the theory that the expert did not observe […]

Shall Not Stand

Perhaps I’m not being sufficiently creative in imagining what challenges McDaniel may bring

May need to think more out-of-the-box.

h/t Chris Offutt.

Let’s take a look at the old book: What the Election Code actually says

Chapter 15 of title 23 of the Mississippi Code covers election contests, and has some pretty concrete answers to some of the things folks (including me) have been saying. Just for instance, I said from memory that there was no deadline for the contest, forgetting that this had been changed in 2012; there’s a deadline […]

Well, duh: Here’s some more reasons there can’t be an elections challenge

Update: I’ve somewhat changed my view about whether the challenge proceeds county-by-county. Sort of yes, sort of no, but I think the remedy is a statewide redo.

Brian Martin points out one in comments: Election contests proceed county-by-county. You go to court in one county, make your proof in hopes to get one of two […]

Why some comments don’t appear

I have only a few criteria for letting a comment through. One is that I require a legitimate email address. I can’t always tell, but if at a glance, the email address looks bogus, I don’t let the comment through. Another is that I don’t allow sock-puppetry if I can prevent it. Thus, anyone who […]

Arrest Warrant Pecan Pie

Grandmothers tended to be thrifty, one result being recipes saved on all kinds of scraps of paper.  My grandmother tended to favor things the size of index cards, or that could be readily folded, because she kept hers in a small index box.

Taylor Davidson’s great-grandfather Willy S. Tatum was a Justice of the Peace […]

What would a reality-based elections contest cost?

In a prior post, I explained what I thought could be the basis of an election law contest, and concluded that McDaniel would need roughly 6400 affidavits (leaving almost no margin of error) from people who voted in the run-off that said, at a minimum, “I voted in the run-off and do not intend to […]