Memory, and a thing about Oral History

2nd Update: I am now completely convinced this is the building that now houses Funky’s and will post more about this later.

Update: Information in the comments here makes me think I’m the one that is wrong, quite likely. I’m trying to access the information that made me think this wasn’t Oxford, Mississippi. One […]

B.B. King’s last Indianola homecoming concert, Sunday 5/25/14

He will be playing for free in the afternoon in the park. The festival closer at Club Ebony will be a show with Bobby Rush instead of B.B. King.

This is truly the end of an era, and of a historic run. I’ve very glad of all the times I saw him perform, starting […]

A couple of observations on part of what is outrageous about the Madison County cases….

These charges about these cases about the invasion of Rose Cochran’s privacy are outrageous. The degree to which they charge outrageous conduct makes one aspect of this mess easy to ignore: that bonds being imposed in these cases are outrageous. A bond is supposed to be the amount needed to assure the defendant will show […]

Well, interesting: Mark Mayfield, vice-chairman of Mississippi Tea Party arrested in connection with Cochran photographing

That’s Mayfield with candidate McDaniel in the photo from the Clarion-Ledger.

The Clarion Ledger reports the arrest, and that there has been one other arrest, as yet unnamed:

The vice chairman of the Mississippi Tea Party and one other suspect have been arrested in connection with the photographing of the bedridden wife of U.S. […]

Quote of the Day

“McDaniel is relying on the anti-gentleman demographic to drive him to a win.”

From this story at the Hill about the Senate race.

This calls for a bumper sticker.

I ate local. I ate much more vegetables than meat. But I couldn’t go see Micheal Pollan…

Tonight Micheal Pollan was in town. I would like to have gone and see him but work prevented. On the other hand, when I got home (late), I cooked a dinner he might have thought reasonable.

The main part of the meal was roasted local vegetables from farmers markets here along with some stuff from […]

Picture of the day

I don’t know anything about this picture except what is evident on the image itself– she’s playing a right-handed banjo upside down (look where the peg for the short string is) and it’s fretless. This is a wonderful old picture.

Charles Pierce tries to put the Senate campaign dirty trick in context

Charles Pierce, at his politics blog at Esquire, notes the history of Republican political operative “ratf—kery.” He starts his description with the Citizens (yes, the same ones) United guys activity in Arkansas in an attempt to pin something, anything on Clinton. He could have gone farther back– the term entered the American political lexicon through […]

More about the McDaniels campaign and the photo of Mrs. Cochran

Kingfish has the voice mail where the McDaniels staffer called a Cochran staffer with obvious knowledge of what had happened, but prior to the Clarion Ledger reporting the victim.

Kingfish broke this story in the middle of the night the other night, and I saw it then. He had the press release from the Madison […]

The plot thickens on elder abuse and the Senate campaign

The Clarion Ledger reports (via Sun Herald), about Clayton Kelly (alleged rogue photographer if Mrs. Cochran):

Tara Kelly provided the Clarion-Ledger with a photo of a pass from St. Catherine’s from a Sunday. She says he was given the visitor’s pass, but it is unclear where it came from.

The pass says, “St. Catherine’s village […]