The folks at the Neon Pig are ok…

… but the business has suffered structural damage.

Regular readers of the blog may know I’m a fan of the Neon Pig on North Gloster in Tupelo (also near Vanelli’s). I knew where the tornado hit, and was worried about them. From the Neon Pig’s Facebook feed, I learn the people are ok, but the […]

Picture of tornado damage at Vanelli’s in Tupelo…

This was posted by Brandy Davis on Twitter. The Daily Journal is reporting that Vanelli’s and Outback were destroyed, that the Barnes Crossing Mall was hit, and that the police are doing house to house searches in the Joyner neighborhood.


WTVA Tupelo evacuates as tornado closes in

Mississippi Constitution has the anti-gay marriage provision right where the prohibition against interracial marriage was

Section 263 of the Mississippi Constitution used to prohibit interracial marriage. While this was declared unconstitutional by Loving v. Virginia in 1967, the voters and legislature of Mississippi finally got around to repealing it in 1987.

And what went into that vacancy? Section 263A of the constitution now sits right behind the space 263 used […]

Oxford Farmer’s Market Schedules

The Oxford City Market (the one that is on Tuesdays and is out on West Oxford Loop) has already commenced and will be there tomorrow from 3 until 6:30. They list the vendors they expect on their website. I went last week, and got pretty marble-sized white turnips, lettuce, and Spring garlic. There was much […]

We may be listening.

This sign…

… is above this bench just of the Square on Van Buren Avenue in Oxford.

Don’t read the fine print! Call up and ask if the price includes the filing fee.

From today’s Tupelo Daily Journal. And, before you ask: No relation, I’m sure.

John Folse and Rick Tramonto restaurant coming to Ridgeland, Mississippi

John Folse, a Louisiana chef and writer from the German Coast along the Mississippi above New Orleans, and Rick Tramonto, a chef and writer associated with Chicago, opened Restaurant R’Evolution in the French Quarter two years ago. While Restaurant R’Evolution got a mixed reaction at its start, it’s received more positive attention since. Here’s Brett […]

Did the Square Have Two Way Traffic, Part 3: Some Dates of Changes on the Square, from parking meters to parking islands

These are pulled from the minutes of the Board of Aldermen of the City of Oxford, which are available online and can be searched pdf-by-pdf, which takes a while.

1940 There’s a cryptic entry on the minutes: A motion was made that the City Engineer be “instructed to have removed from the streets, the ‘mushrooms’ […]



On the Square in Oxford. Part of a continuing series of signs posts.