Merry Christmas


Having said goodbye to the Bluebook, Judge Posner tosses it in the trash bin and sets the bin afire

I am reading and hugely enjoying Richard Posner’s Reflections on Judging. The best book of its sort I have read in a very long time, at least half-way in.

His subject is legal reasoning and writing, and the book is in many ways a memoir, along with an explication of Posner’s views and expectations about […]

Richard Posner on judges as “cognitive misers”

Thinking is costly to the thinker in the sense of being difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating. People economize on thinking by using shortcuts, deferring to expert opinion (even if that requires an arbitrary choice between competing experts), or changing the subject– in the case of judges, substituting a legalistic approach that they understand for a technologically […]

Party for Santa Claus

thanks to Lord Nelson.

Yes, Anderson. Lord Nelson. This one was from Tobago (I wrote Trinidad before I got the link).

Making a list, checking it twice

Washington journalists getting all silly about the Republican primary in Mississippi

The national media is getting all ready to get worked up with the idea that the primary race between Sen. Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel is going to be a real contest. Sam Hall on his Clarion Ledger blog noted a story in the National Journal yesterday. After noting that seven sitting Republicans have drawn […]

The Giant Mouse Has Left Elvis Presley and the Building

As Vance Lauderdale notes, first the giant shoe on Lamar, and now this.

Until first thing tomorrow morning, and since 1978, there has been a giant mouse with a wedge of cheese on top of Atomic Pest Control at 2371 Elvis Presley Blvd in Memphis (This is not a stretch of Elvis Presley Blvd […]

Sign in Hernando, Mississippi: “Old Rye” For Medicinal Use

Yes, I know it’s a label, not a sign. This was how your whiskey, bought from your friendly pharmacist, would have been labeled during prohibition. James S. Robinson was one of the first pharmacists in Memphis, with a business at 2nd and Madison in what is now the Apothecary Building.


Some thoughts about what is great about Johnny Cash, from Michiko Kakutani at the NY Times

Michiko Kakutani has a really moving review of a new Johnny Cash biography, by Robert Hilburn, that is as good as anything I’ve read for describing the strengths of Cash’s music. It begins:

Johnny Cash’s life was a country song full of love and loss, passion and heartbreak — grief, loneliness, guilt, faith, melodrama and […]