Merrell Williams, who gave (or sold) tobacco documents to Scruggs, dies at 72

Longtime Oxford folks may remember Abbie’s Irish Rose, one of the first bars in Oxford, that opened in what had been the lobby of the Henry Hotel, later renamed the Abbey (because it had windows from a prior occupant of that space, the Methodist Church), in the mid-70s. Its owner, Merrell Williams, came to town […]

My mom and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

My mom grew up in the region around New York– born in Hartford, Connecticut, and childhood in Connecticut, Long Island, and other places in the area before her family moved to Jacksonville, Florida when she was a teenager.  So perhaps I grew up viewing the balloons and all from the Macy’s parade as a […]

Happy Thanksgiving


I’ve been cooking since just after 8… There’s a 20 pound turkey in the oven (see above) stuffed on one side with sausage, pecan, chanterelle, sage, white bread, and on the other with cornbread, giblets, chili poblano, etc.; there’s double-rich stock cooking since late last night for gravy.

First thing this morning I […]

“Happy Thanksgiving” said the disembodied head as it floated past.

For more photos from a distinctly creepier era of Thanksgiving parade balloons, go here.

Forty years of a shared life, boiled down to a few simple instructions: Keep the knives sharp. Put all your ingredients in little dishes. Read the whole recipe. Always wash your hands.

This New York Times op-ed piece about cooking, family, and Thanksgiving brought tears to my eyes.

On the first night, my father made chicken piccata. Flour and lemon, bouillon cubes, the funny-looking hammer. He had no idea what he was doing.

Read it all.

You probably aren’t aware that Jose Canseco drives with diaper-wearing fainting goats, and may not have read his thoughts on gravity

Canseco’s musings on Twitter range quite widely. This week, for instance, he recounted being stopped by a police officer and having to explain why he had diaper-wearing fainting goats in his vehicle. Earlier this year, he explained how he thought gravity used to be weaker, which allowed dinosaurs to be “nimble.” You should also know […]

Otis Spann, “A Sad Day in Texas”

I think many of us saw this coming: News from State v. Arnold Smith in Greenwood

The Greenwood Commonwealth reports that, while Dr. Arnold Smith is undergoing continued examinations concerning whether he is competent to be tried, his attorneys are preparing an insanity defense for the prosecution of Smith for hiring killers to attempt the murder of Greenwood lawyer Lee Abraham.


Nicholas Dawidoff and Collision Low Crossers at Square Books on Friday

Nicholas Dawidoff writes for the New Yorker and the New York Times Magazine. His books include The Catcher was a Spy, about a 30s-era Yankees catcher (who mostly rode the bench) who was a spy for the OSS. A multi linguist, about whom a Yankee manager said, “He can speak seven languages but can’t hit […]

“if I ever get my hands on a dollar again, I’m going to hold on it till that eagle screams.”


Some Bessie Smith, in response to Anderson’s comment. But it is always a good moment to listen to Bessie Smith.

While on music topics, my iPhone’s random play did something truly strange today. First, it played the live version of Dylan’s “Maggie’s Farm” from the documentary No Direction Home. Then it played the song […]