Charles Pierce thought Ole Miss-Alabama could be “more interesting than people think.”

He writes at Esquire:

I believe that Ole Miss at Alabama might be a more interesting game than people think. (Mississippi wideout Donte Moncrief is the country’s most underrated player).

The first half, when we stopped Alabama from the end zone and the game was 9-0, was interesting. I wanted to remain optimistic. The second […]

From B. Traven: Honesty having failed, the oil company decides to change lawyers

B. Traven’s novel The White Rose is the account of a the attempt by an American oil company to take over a ranch in Mexico.  When he learned from his Mexican lawyer that honest means failed, the oil company president, Collins, decided on a change of tactics:

When Mr. Collins read the letter, he commented to […]

Vox Press to conduct writing class at Parchman Penitentiary

Just got this press release from Vox Press.


My non-profit group VOX, is initiating a Creative Writing program in Mississippi’s largest, oldest, and most notorious prison, Mississippi State Penitentiary, better known as Parchman Farm. We’ve already set the class up and it will start in January. I have already spoken with the prison […]

“Of course, in Alabama, the Tuscaloosa.”

Anyone thinking about going Saturday? Say something in comments.

John Lydon, then and now

Here’s John Lydon today.

Here he was in 1977.

He means it, man.

Oddest footnote: So I search in Google Videos for “Sex Pistols God Save Queen.” The third alternate choice on the right side was Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers playing “Dixie.”

From a BuzzFeed list which offers conclusive evidence punk is dead. […]

Divorced, Beheaded, Went Hollywood, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived

As pointed out in Slate and elsewhere, a Google Search for the wives of Henry VIII produces… partially unreliable results.

Check it out. Here’s a Google search

If they fix it, here’s a screenshot from the search, and here’s a Slate story.



On the road in Holcomb, Mississippi


Part of a continuing series of posts with the tag Signs.

Picture of the location of this sign below the fold.

“He was a good Catholic, and so did his best business inside the churches.” more from B. Traven

The opening of the short story “Accomplices,” from The Kidnapped Saint & other stores.

Vincent Pliego couldn’t make it any more in Jalisco, where he had been involved with the police several times. He had to clear out now because a new director of police had been installed, who began quickly and thoroughly to […]

“The report did not detail which Eagles song was being played.”

From North Charleston, South Carolina, comes word of serious provocation leading to assault with a deadly weapon. Well, weapon.

A North Charleston woman was arrested late Monday night after she got into an argument that led to a stabbing — and it all started with classic rock.

According to a North Charleston police report, […]

The end of an odd era