Anyone up for grabbling?

Not me.

I can’t help focusing on the possibility of a large angry turtle or cottonmouth lurking in the muddy water.

But for those of a different bent, WAPT reports that the season begins Wednesday and runs through mid-June. A spokesman for the Game and Fish commission describes the action: “”When you reach into a […]

You lose the Nobel Prize from the display cabinet. What goes in its place?

When the representatives from Sotheby’s and the Faulkner family came to get the Nobel Prize plaque from the archives at the University of Mississippi so it can be auctioned, it left a void. What would be an appropriate replacement?

A Robert Johnson 78 record, “Last Fair Deal Gone Down,” of course. A reliable source tells […]

Some thoughts on Double Decker this year

One of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in a concert was sheet lightening, perfectly framed by the stage and surrounding buildings, twice during the last two songs of the Drive By Truckers set at Double Decker. A “how much longer am I going to be able to stand out here?” moment (my English […]

Iggy Pop and the Stooges and Fat Possum produce possibly the best commercial, ever

h/t Anderson.


The crimes of Kevin Curtis

Update: The F.B.I. has concluded that Kevin Curtis was not involved in the sending of the ricin letters, and is seeking another suspect. Apparently, Curtis was framed. This, however, does not make him a good Prince impersonator.

Obviously, he’s innocent-until-proven-guilty on the sending the ricin letters, but YouTube evidence has strong evidence of esthetic […]

Is “I was depressed and not paying attention” enough to get an out of time appeal? When you had counsel?!

Reading the Daily Journal, I learn that David Chancller, the former Panola County Administrator, after pleading guilty to fraud involving county garbage collections and paying himself for work not done, became a cooperating witness in another federal case. He was sentenced on his guilty plea, and, after failing to file a timely notice of appeal […]

Scruggs asks to be able to voluntarily report to complete sentence on April 29th.

Scruggs’s lawyers have asked that he be allowed to voluntarily surrender on April 29th, stating that he “desires to resume serving his criminal sentence.” In the motion, he notes that his attorneys intend to seek both panel and en banc hearings, and “if necessary” certiorari with the United States Supreme Court.

Here’s his motion.


About Twenty One Million Americans are not sure…

…whether shape-shifting reptilian people control our world by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate our societies. Four and a half million are sure and know that the reptile people are gaining control of the world.

I’m sure a significant number of those who live in Mississippi arrived at this conclusion after […]

What changed Flannery O’Connor at 5: Sometimes, there is an answer, only not what you expect

Andrew Sullivan and then Dr. X link to a blog post by Ann Napolitano about Flannery O’Connor and her childhood home in Savannah, where a tour-guide told Napolitano that something happened to Flannery O’Connor between the age of 4 and 6 that made her into an adult:

“A little after this point,” he said, “something […]

Roger Angell remembering Jackie Robinson

Our finest baseball writer writes about Robinson in the New Yorker:

I’ll catch the new Jackie Robinson movie, “42,” over the weekend—it’s great, friends say—but I need no sports-clip reminders or careful re-creations to bring his front-footed swing or his shouldering, headlong style on the base paths clearly back into view. I will keep some […]