Adam Liptak’s interesting entrail reading about cert grant votes on gay marriage cases

Adam Liptak of the New York Times has a fascinating speculation about clues from the oral arguments in the gay marriage case about why cert was granted.

A couple of points needed to understand the piece: First, while it takes five votes to win in the Court, only four are required to get review. Second, […]

Perhaps the past is past: Nobel Prize Medal for sale

(Alternate title: Sartoris move or Snopes move?). From the New York Times:

William Faulkner typed the story on the back of University of Mississippi letterhead, an early exercise in fiction writing about a fur trapper’s trip to a big city. Its 13 browned pages, stashed in an old, mismarked box in a barn on the […]

Sometimes, they can be downright spooky.

Anderson flags an all-time great reporter fumble on a legal story, quoting Miss. College prof Matt Steffey on the Fifth Circuit’s attempt to predict the ultimate ruling from the Mississippi Supreme Court on the damages caps:

Steffey said the part of the Fifth Circuit’s opinion that referred to the disposition as an “eerie guess” […]

Meanwhile, in other Supreme Court news: The Fourth Amendment is still strong!

In a peculiar voting alignment (peculiar, but not as unusual in Fourth Amendment cases) in Florida v. Jardines, Justice Scalia has written a strong opinion upholding the right to be secure from warrantless searches in the home, joined by Thomas, Ginsburg, Kagan, and Sotomayor. Alito dissents, joined by Roberts, Breyer, and Kennedy.

The question is […]

The demise of a beautiful dogtrot house

A little over a year ago, I posted a sequence of pictures with the title “A beautiful dogtrot house, fading slowly away,” all of a house I’d long admired at the edge of the West Union community in Union County on Highway 30.

I took the picture above this morning on my way back […]

In chambers, the chancellor said to the lawyer…

… who, with his client, seemed to have control of the situation, “You’ve got the egg in your pocket.”

That was entirely new to me, but completely clear as to meaning. A couple of Google searches suggest it’s new to Google, too. Without the Dictionary of American Regional English at hand,

I’m curious if anyone […]

The last member of the officer’s plot to kill Hitler has died.

The last surviving member of the officer’s plot to kill Hitler has just died at 90.

I’m stunned, frankly, that there was a surviving participant.  The plot was by Prussian army officers, culminating in a brief case of explosives that failed to kill Hitler.  After that, anyone remotely rumored to be connected was quickly executed, […]

Irma Thomas, Robert “Barefootin'” Parker, Ivan Neville, Treme Brass Band… Sounds good to me!

The American Routes anniversary show, Friday April 19th, at the Rock and Bowl in New Orleans…

h/t Scott Barretta.

Today’s Installment of Odd Holdings from the Distant Past

It was held (by the Alabama Supreme Court) that opinion evidence that the defendant “was foolishly fond of women” is improper character evidence.

Just in case you need something to cite for that proposition.

I previously have posted some favorite bits of old Mississippi cases– for instance, black-letter law for the proposition that “It is […]

The Pope’s Rookie Card

From the Quartz website, and Tad Friend on Twitter.