Does the Constitution say that Congress’s powers don’t extend to the kind of question Justice Scalia doesn’t think Congress is good at?

Today, the Supreme Court heard argument in Shelby County v. Holder.  The transcript is very much worth reading.

(Note to lay readers:  I attempt to explain the act at issue here about midway down the post if you want some help following the last block quote).

One part is pretty breathtaking.  Recall that Justice Scalia essentially […]

An English Setter wins at Grand Junction

I think it’s fair to say that scout owner and dog in the picture above have had a good day, just on the evidence of the expressions alone.

The history is even better. The dog is Shadow Oak Bo, the winner of the 114th Grand Junction Field Trial at the Ames Plantation in Tennessee. […]

Jon Stewart starts his show with an apology to Dick Molpus

Still buried in work, I hadn’t had a chance to post about Jon Stewart’s use of Dick Molpus as a stand-in for backwards Southern pollitians last week.

To Stewart’s credit, he began his show last night with a correction, crediting Molpus’s stands on the right side of civil rights issues.

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Why am I not surprised that Bilbo left the African ingredient out of his gumbo recipe?

Theo Bilbo apparently took pride in himself as a chef, and was particularly proud of his recipe for what he called “French Gumbo.” While it omits the clearly African ingredient (okra)* and the Creole trinity (onions, celery, bell pepper), it does have a Native American ingredient (file, and actually another, pepper pods).

Besides the […]

G is for both Gorey and Google

Today’s Google header honors a favorite of this blog, Edward Gorey.

G is not only for Google and Gorey…

For the full alphabet (which I’ve previously quoted), go here.

Bunk Johnson’s “Closer Walk With Thee,” my dad, and Port Gibson

My father was a trad jazz fan (and clarinet player), and loved revival music of the forties from New Orleans.

About that time, he and some friends worked their way into the steeple of the First Presbyterian Church in Port Gibson, which had loudspeakers connected to a record player. They set it up playing […]

Oh, no– I almost forgot to post the best Valentine’s Day Song

Of course, it’s the Mekons, “St. Valentine’s Day.” Check it out, because, as the album title sez, we ♥ the Mekons.

On the road, in Winona, Mississippi

Sarah Simonson photographs the Zulus in the Treme on Mardi Gras day

Beck 360

OK, folks, you have to listen to this video on headphones.

Beck got hired by the folks at Ford Lincoln to do a cover version of David Bowie’s “Sound Vision” from the album Low. And somehow, that got financing for over a hundred musicians– a gamelan orchestra, a soul band (the Dap Kings), a […]