Mississippi Legislature tackles threat of the thing with a human brain

Another howler before the Mississippi legislature, HB 819 has drawn attention because it handles the threat of monsters-with-human brains by making creation of those a crime. Yes, it will be unlawful to create…

A nonhuman life form engineered such that it contains a human brain or a brain derived wholly from human neural tissues.


Due Process and making it up as you go along

The New Yorker’s Amy Davidson describes the mess that is the pretrial hearings at Guantanamo:

The case of the mystery button began like a story about a poltergeist. On Monday, a preliminary hearing in the military commission trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other accused 9/11 conspirators convened at Guantánamo. The courtroom is set up so […]

Colbert: “Nobody, but nobody, out-stupids Mississippi”

Colbert went after the bill Chism and Jeff Smith introduced into the house, noting how well “a house devided cannot stand” worked in the past. He also made reference to those Smith’s mustache (“dead shrimp”).

He invited on a guest, Cliff Sloan, who described who well nullification has worked in the past. Colbert said, “Where […]

Kelly English does the Big Bad Popup

Kelly English is the chef at Restaurant Iris in Memphis. I’ve had his food there and at events here in Oxford, and it is excellent. He is from Baton Rouge, went to Ole Miss and then culinary school, and worked in New Orleans for John Besh before heading to Memphis to open Iris.

The […]

Boom boom, out go the lights

So, a week and a half ago, the lights in Tad Smith went out right in the middle of the Vanderbilt game. Sometime in the last two years ago, the roof started leaking during a Ole Miss women’s basketball game. And now, there’s this from Lafayette County Emergency Management, suggesting that folks going to […]

“Look who it is”

So, fifty years ago this week, the Beatles were touring the UK as a warm-up act on a bill headlined by pop singer Helen Shapiro, who I’m sure is entirely news to you (well, she was to me). Just before “Please, Please Me” broke and forever ended the question of who the headliner should be, […]

Marshall Ramsey on House Bill 490

Marshall Henderson shows some disrespect to the Auburn student section

The GIF is a clip from right after he sank a couple of free throws to win at Auburn as the clock ran out. The basketball blogger at CBS sports has some entertaining analysis.

House Bill 490: Mississippi’s Bid for Supremacy in the area of Legislative Silliness

So that you can point at them and laugh should they walk into a restaurant, pictured above are Gary Chism, representing House District 39 (Lowndes, Clay, Oktibeha Counties), a Shriner, insurance agent, Republican, and chair of the House Insurance committee and Jeffery Smith, representing House District 39 (Lowndes), Baptist Deacon, former County prosecutor, […]

Intimations of Mortality

I’ve had a serious insurance claim-type problem in the first floor of my house, and am having to move my entire record collection (including 78s), 8/10ths of the cds, plus pretty much all my books relating to southern history, southern literature, general fiction, some popular science and math books, among other things.

It’s made me […]