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And I mean everything! Check it out.

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The Delta Division goes from de facto gone to de jure gone

This just in from the Northern District Clerk’s email list:

On October 5, 2012, the President signed H.B. 5512, the Divisional Realignment Act of 2012, which becomes effective December 4, 2012, and eliminates the Delta Division, in which there is no longer a federal courthouse. The three divisions in the Northern District have been […]

Sun Herald reports Pete Halat released to half-way house

Anita Lee reports that Pete Halat is in a half-way house in Hattiesburg, looking to a release in April of next year after serving 15 years:

Fresh from prison, former Biloxi Mayor Pete Halat is working as a handyman at St. Thomas Catholic Church on the University of Southern Mississippi campus in Hattiesburg.

The […]

Some Supreme Court argument snark from Chief Justice Roberts

Anderson noted that Chief Justice Roberts roughed up a lawyer from the solicitor General’s office for describing a changed position by the Secretary of Labor; he was annoyed that the SG didn’t explicitly state that the change was due to a change of administrations. Anderson linked an article that further explains what the Chief Justice […]

Thacker Mountain Season Finale – Christmas Show November 29th at the Lyric

The Christmas Show for Thacker Mountain Radio is Thursday November 29th at 6:00 PM at the Lyric. There will be Christmas music from Slade Lewis and the Yalobushwhackers along with Shannon McNally and a singing cast of many. Beth Ann Fennelly and Melissa Ginsburg will lend their literary expertise, and Shelia Patin (whose great grandmother […]

Adopt a Truffle Tree: Further Adventures in non-registration of Securities?

I recall from the either the securities law or the corporations class taught by Cliff Hodge a section involving attempts to circumvent securities registration requirements by structuring something as other than a security. One involved an orange grove, where the orange trees were sold one at a time but what the promoter was really doing […]

Dickie Scruggs will be home for Christmas

Scruggs moved for release pending appeal, arguing the standards for release pending appeal– that he is not a flight risk, that a substantial issue is raised, and, that if he wins it, he will be released. Judge Davidson asked for a brief on jurisdiction, which the parties agreed he had.

He has now ruled that […]

More News from Yalobusha County: Alien-Looking Sweet Potato

Blog readers may remember my occasional references to Water Valley’s North Mississippi Herald, first for the tale “Ambushed Dad Has Questions,” and later a classic bit of theater criticism from a Shakespeare performance in Sylva Rena (“I enjoyed the play and actually came away thinking a little better of the Bard.”).

What we have today […]

The Clarion Ledger writes about cough syrup abuse in the Grove

Here’s a headline from the Clarion Ledger:

David Magee: Cough syrup ‘drink’ of choice for many at Grove

The premise of the story is that frat guys are into abusing both prescription and over the counter cough syrup (the story reports that consuming large amounts of over-the-counter cough syrup can induce hallucinations).

Asking around a […]

Joseph Blotner, Faulkner biographer, has died at 89

The New York Times obituary notes:

Joseph Blotner did a bit more. He spent 10 years writing a two-volume, 2,115-page, 8 1/2-pound biography of the great American novelist so chock-full of details — down to postmarks and menus — that some critics dismissed it as overwhelming.

But Mr. Blotner’s “Faulkner: A Biography,” published in 1974, […]