Where I was the night of the Meredith Riot

I was not-quite seven years old the night of the Meredith riot. It was warm enough that the windows at my parent’s house were open. We lived on Eagle Springs Road, which goes up the tallest hill on the north side of town; the bottom for Toby Tuby Creek runs between that hill and the […]

Memphis Magazine story about the Cordova parking lot killing

Memphis Magazine’s cover story this month is about the 2009 Cordova parking lot killing, when Harry Coleman shot Robert Schwerin during an argument over parked cars. There’s part of the story online, along with an interview with the author. From the interview, it appears he got full cooperation from Coleman but not from the prosecution, […]


I have no doubt this would count as offal by anyone’s definition. And I have to wonder: who, exactly, needs four cases of Boneless Pork Rectums (Inverted)?

Uh… “Inverted?” I guess I may not want to ask.

h/t S.X Ramone on Facebook, who really owes all of us an explanation about this one.


Eugene Genovese, Southern Historian, has died at 82

Eugene Genovese, best known for the magisterial Roll Jordan Roll: The World The Slaves Made, an account of the conditions of southern slavery from the point of view of the culture the slaves created, which won the Bancroft Prize in 1975, has died at 8s. Genovese, who began his career known as a Marxist historian […]

Bessie Smith died 75 years ago today

Bill Steber reminded us of that in a Facebook post that included the picture, above, which he took 20 years ago in the room where Bessie Smith died in Clarksdale after a car accident on Highway 61, in what was then the Colored Hospital. A few years later, it became the Riverside Hotel, where […]

Quote for the Day

H L Mencken once said that if a congressman discovered there were cannibals in his district, he’d promise them missionaries.

From this Fallows blog post The quote is apparently somewhat garbled– it was originally part of a shot at Franklin Roosevelt that Mencken published in The American Mercury. It’s in the middle of this long […]

More Evidence of Eaton Perfidy Emerges

Judge Weill has entered an opinion of over 120 pages outlining discovery that should have been provided by Eaton to Frisby and was not. Phillip Thomas picked up on a report by Allison Grant of the Cleveland Plain Dealer about the opinion and has posted more than once about it.

In the opinion, Judge Weill […]

Treme opener tonight

I enjoyed tonight’s first episode. Reading the Times Pic summary of what went by, I realize that the (really great band) playing in that first Cajun song was a favorite band of mine, the Red Stick Ramblers, and I’d not recognized them.

I picked up on Frogman Henry, David Chang, Eric Ripert, Wiley Dufresne, and […]

I just saw a Hardee’s commercial featuring Bo Carter singing “Pigmeat Is What I Crave.”

Update: Thanks to Michael M in comments, here’s the commercial:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Thanks to Michael M in comments, here’s the commercial:

Can’t find the commercial on YouTube. Here’s the song.



Homer Simpson votes


h/t Anderson