Sad news from Middendorf’s in Manchac

Middendorf, a long-time and beloved seafood restaurant in Manchac, Louisiana has had its second hurricane related flood since Katrina. Sad to see this.

The pictures are from Middendorf’s Facebook feed; h/t MK Aldin.

Richard Posner writes on “The Incoherence of Antonin Scalia”

In the New Republic, Richard Posner reviews the book on interpretation recently published by Scalia and Bryan Gardner. It is a slashing takedown of Scalia’s version of originailsm. Near the conclusion:

They endorse fifty-seven “canons of construction,” or interpretive principles, and in their variety and frequent ambiguity these “canons” provide them with all the room […]

“Hayek and Rand are comfortable intellectual company not because they explain reality, but because, like all effective ideologists, they remove the need for any actual contact with it.”

In the New York Review of Books, Timothy Snyder has fun with Ryan’s ideas (“A specter is haunting the Republican National Convention”), and presents Romney and Ryan as a marriage of convenience:

Romney’s choice of an ideologist as his running mate made a kind of sense. Romney the financier made hundreds of millions of dollars […]

Live From Bourbon Street

Here’s a web cam (have to watch an advertisement first)

At just before four on Tuesday, August 28th, it looks like some light rain and not many people.

Time for some murder ballads

At dinner the other night, the discussion turned to murder ballads. I talked about the great ballads where the unstated part of the plot was that a girl was pregnant, and her boyfriend decided the answer was to murder her, usually involving drowning. I named several of these songs. They all seem cautionary tales presented […]

Hurricane Isaac

My daughter is going to stay in New Orleans with friends who can open windows (she can’t in her apartment near the Columns). Meanwhile, my son has friends from the restaurant business who may come up and stay with us in Oxford.

I’ve always cared a lot about these moments on the coast and in […]

Insane in the Chromatophores

Ever wonder what they do at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution?

Slate Magazine highlighted the video above and linked to the explanation of exactly what is occurring from the Science blog backyardbrains, who got interested in squid chromatophores at Woods Hole.

In short, what they did was wire an iPod directly to the nerve muscle of […]

Noel Polk, Faulkner scholar, has died

Noel Polk, most prominently, the editor of “corrected texts” of William Faulkner’s work, and editor of Faulkner’s work for the Library of America, has died at 69. He taught for decades at University of Southern Mississippi, and most recently at Mississippi State. In addition to editing Faulkner (and Robert Penn Warren’s All The Kings Men), […]

Fifth Circuit affirms Zach Scruggs’s appeal

The Government wins.

Higginbotham wrote the opinion. It has a long statement of facts, including twice stating that Backstrom lied under oath about conversations with Balducci (and, in doing so, accepting Balducci’s account). These statements are not couched in terms of the scope of review but more as factual observation– the court notes that the […]

More about the 2012 Sunflower Blues Festival

This blog post has a good discussion of the situation at the Sunflower Blues Festival. The picture above, from the post, shows the distance from the barrier for the audience for the “free” festival and the distance they were kept from the stage. This set-up was in place for both Friday and Saturday, which […]