Gore Vidal has died

Novelist and essayist Gore Vidal has died, at 86.

While I enjoyed a couple of his historical novels (Burr and Julian), his best work as far as I was concerned was essays and criticism, along with some political pieces at one time (in the last 15 years he soured and became hard to take). His […]

In which we learn that Paul Greenberg (of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette) does not love Marc Smirnoff

The Richmond Times Dispatch runs a piece by Paul Greenberg of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette about the editor switch at the Oxford American.

It’s pretty clear that, whatever experience Greenberg has had dealing with Smirnoff since the magazine moved to Arkansas, it probably hasn’t been good. No names are named, but he makes clear he […]

The whole Chris Wallace interview with Justice Scalia is worth watching

Chris Wallace did an interview with Justice Scalia on Fox News that’s pretty interesting. Last night, I posted a clip Think Progress pulled in which Scalia suggested a distinction between cannons and rocket propelled grenades for Second Amendment purposes.

There has been a suggestion in comments the clip was unfair. It was continuous (not cut […]

Scalia: 2nd Amendment says “bear arms.” Cannon? Probably not. Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher? Probably yes.

Here it is:

I guess there’s the advantage that we won’t have to worry about concealed carry.

Depicted is an RPG-29, which fires rocket driven grenades with a range of just under 1000 feet, and is designed to take out tanks with advanced armor, penetrating up to 29 inches of armor, or almost 5 […]

The Mentioning Begins: Patsy Brumfield reports mention of Felicia Adams for federal bench in ND MIss

Patsy Brumfield reports

Felicia C. Adams, Mississippi’s first female U.S. attorney, is under consideration for a lifetime federal judgeship to replace W. Allen Pepper Jr., who died suddenly in January. …

“She’s being reviewed by a 5th Circuit (Court of Appeals) selection committee,” said a person close to the process, speaking on condition of anonymity. […]

Separated at birth

Thomas Bulian, area restauranteur, has died at 75

Thomas Bulian opened Dino’s Pizza Place on the Square after moving to Oxford in 1971. I believe he later had restaurants in Cleveland, Mississippi, Holly Springs, and even Missouri. The one in Holly Springs and a later restaurant in Oxford were called Victor’s.

The pizza’s in Dino’s were sliced in a cross-hatch– producing squared pieces, […]

Penn State students react to the sanction

As Jim Roberts of the New York Times tweeted, “Penn State students’ jaws literally drop while watching NCAA announce sanctions.” The picture is from Roberts’s Twitter feed.

Update: Perhaps fixed image with new URL.

Hanging out with Jimi

Note that he apparently stayed pretty fancy even while just hanging around the house.

h/t Susan Lee’s Facebook feed

Observation about what the police know and when they know it

Did anyone else find it remarkable how quickly the press was reporting that James Holmes, the accused shooter in Aurora, Colorado, had bought 6000 rounds of ammunition on the internet?

Can I conclude from this that this was gleaned from police information releases (that seems to be the original source, although a New York Times […]