Reconciliation After Fort Hood

My sister, Lee Hancock, a writer in Texas, covered the Fort Hood shootings, and has written a wonderful and moving story about the aftermath. It begins:

Nader Hasan was wrapping up a rare afternoon on the golf course, his thoughts far from his suburban D.C. law office, when his cell phone buzzed and displayed his […]

Leigh Stubbs and Tami Vance to be released in innocence case

Remember Leigh Stubbs and the “lesbian bite mark case”— that case where Michael West testified as an expert on both video enhancement and bite marks (he testified he could tell those bite marks were the bite marks of lesbians. Seriously).

Radley Balko reports that the Mississippi Innocence Project is on the verge of obtaining the […]

Judge Posner on originalism and criminal law, Walter Dellinger on state sovereignty

You really should check out Slate magazine’s discussion of the Supreme Court term (beginning here), whose participants this year are Richard Posner, Dahlia Lithwick, and Walter Dellinger (who taught at Ole Miss law school in 1966-68). Posner on Miller v. Alabama and Dellinger’s most recent on US v. Arizona are particularly good. Posner takes a […]

Justice Scalia’s “looming specter of inutterable horror”– his dissent in Arizona v. United States

As a sovereign, Arizona has the inherent power to exclude persons from its territory

-Justice Scalia’s dissent in Arizona v. United States

Justice Scalia’s dissent in the Arizona illegal alien law case harkens back to a simpler time in America, when local governments were left alone to decide who could and could not come there.


This Week At The Supreme Court

Tomorrow, or possibly later in the week, is going to be momentous for the United States Supreme Court. Among other things, we’re going to have decisions in the Arizona immigration act case, cases from Alabama and Arkansas cases involving whether it is constitutional to sentence juveniles to life-without-parole, and the First Amendment/stolen valor case about […]

Dr. Arnold Smith, Historic Preservationist (more from the Greenwood murder-for-hire case)

Dr. Arnold Smith, already known for dabbling in Delta politics, a personal approach to oncology, exceedingly peculiar insurance claims, collecting used bricks, and for being charged in an outlandish scheme to hire a hit on Greenwood attorney Lee Abraham, has written a letter to the editor of the Greenwood Commonwealth. In what the paper calls […]

Dr. X vents about being stiffed by Bank of America

Through Bank of America’s fault, someone charged fraudulent items on Dr. X’s Bank of America account. Bank of American initially responded by taking the charges off, but then later put them back on and is now playing passive-aggressive telephone call system games, possibly in hopes he’ll give up and go away.

Instead, he’s asking the […]

Something that has me wondering

My attention has been called to a sentence from a post-conviction opinion by Justice Carlson in a death penalty case in which the court remanded for a hearing on ineffective assistance of counsel: “Contrary to the arguments of the State, even a murderer is entitled to the effective assistance of counsel.”

Am I take it […]

Army Buddies from the 101st Airborne

So here we have two members of the 101st Airborne band, bass player Billy Cox and his buddy, James Hendrix. After the army and a lot of other experiences, Hendrix formed a new group, Band of Gypys, with his old army friend Billy Cox on bass and drummer Buddy Miles. A version of that […]

Ouch! (heard in a Fifth Circuit argument in May)

Fifth Circuit Argument, US v. Rogers

While the lawyers get pretty well knocked around by the panel throughout, the remarks by Judge Jolly beginning at 26:30 in the argument are pretty devastating. The case, US v. Rogers, was argued May 2nd.