While on the subject of Mississippi true crime stories involving hit men…

Mike Gillich has died. Here’s the story in the Sun Herald.

Gillich operated strip joints on the Gulf Coast, and was deeply connected to the Dixie Mafia. He was convicted in the effort to hire a hit on circuit judge Vincent Sherry, and later became a government witness in convicted Biloxi mayor Pete Halat of […]

“They came in and things just went bad.” (more on the Greenwood hit man case)

That’s the Greenwood Commonwealth front page today. Smith is on the left.

The quote in the title is from the Greenwood police chief, describing how things went wrong for the apparent hit man when he came into Lee Abraham’s law office on Saturday night.

The Greenwood Commonwealth is reporting that there was a seven […]

“The line I shoot will never miss…”

At the Checkerboard Lounge in Chicago on November, 1981, Muddy Waters owns the stage while backed by the Rolling Stones. The Stones posted this video because Waters died 29 years ago today.



More about the Greenwood murder for hire case

Some details– not necessarily consistent– are being reported about the incident in Greenwood now, although it’s hard to tell what to credit. The Clarion Ledger runs a Greenwood Commonwealth story with more details:

Authorities say a 70-year-old oncologist is accused of hiring two men to kill the lawyer who represented his ex-wife when they divorced […]

Greenwood Oncologist Allegedly Hires Hit on Greenwood Lawyer (There’s More to This Story Than Press Reports)

Update: Yes, there is more. See below.

I’m hitting repeated references to a story breaking in Greenwood. Here’s one bit, from WLBT in Jackson:

A 70-year-old oncologist is accused of hiring hit-men to kill the lawyer who represented his ex-wife when they divorced in the 1990s.

Greenwood police tell the Greenwood Commonwealth that Dr. Arnold […]

Rebel Bear Provides Brief Demonstration of Power of Flight for Law Enforcement Officers in the Grove

More details here and here. h/t to Christen Hemmins on Facebook.

Thacker Mountain and Oxford American team up for a big show at the Lyric

Thursday night, Thacker Mountain’s last show of the season– and the Doubledecker weekend show– is going to be a joint production with the Oxford American– whose latest music issue was about Mississippi.

They’re going to have the Mighty Gospel Warriors, my favorite Mississippi Gospel band– purveyors of intense Gospel funk– Tyler Keith (with his new […]

I am compelled to post this for Chris Offut

I enjoyed Chris’s reading, sponsored by Vox last night. There can not possibly be a more appropriate post than this one. If you weren’t there, you’ll not know why until his next novel is published, but you’ll at least experience the lessons of Dave Batholomew and “The Monkey Speaks His Mind.”


Blogroll Updates

In a neverending quest to foul up perfectly good free stuff, Anderson has moved his blog to a new home, and explained that we can use comments in the old site to talk about him and he’ll never know.

This prompted me to update my blogroll a bit, adding a few blogs (ColRebSez: Your presence […]

Chris Offut at the Power House tonight at 7:00

Tonight, there’s “An Evening With Chris Offut” sponsored by Vox Magazine, at the PowerHouse in Oxford at 7:00 PM. My prior experience at Chris’s readings suggest a splendid time is virtually guaranteed.

I’ll be there.