Happy New Year!

Damon Runyon on the Great Depression

From the opening of the short story, “The Snatching of Bookie Bob.”

Now, it comes on the spring of 1931, after a long hard winter, and times are very tough indeed, what with the stock market going all to pieces, and banks busting right and left, and the law getting very nasty about this and […]

Damon Runyon and tripe

It is well known that Damon Runyon was fascinated with the underworld characters hanging out in saloons on Broadway during prohibition. I was unaware he was also fascinated with tripe.

From the start of the story “Blonde Mink”:

Now of course there are many different ways of cooking tripe but personally I prefer it stewed […]

Some history behind those Ron Paul newsletters


Whoever is producing the attack ads for John Huntsman is as good as any I’ve seen– witness the ad above going after Ron Paul over the newsletter issues.

Meanwhile, this whole mess has brought up very obscure doctrinal disputes among libertarians, which remind me of similar doctrinal disputes between obscure or even non-obscure far-left […]

Strange Google Searches

Yes, someone came to my blog tonight searching for:

unauthorized use of a movable Louisiana

You read that right. And, believe it or not, this legal topic has come up on my blog, back in the Fall of 2010, when I recounted the tale of a naked woman arrested in Covington, Louisiana for stealing a […]

How Judge Davidson gave Dickie Scruggs fair warning he wasn’t going to win

I noted in my last post about Judge Davidson’s rulings that Judge Davidson’s just released opinion essentially told Dickie Scruggs that he was going to get a hearing but he wasn’t going to win. My heading here describes that as “fair warning.”

How, you might ask, is it fair if there hasn’t been a hearing […]

Wednesday Morning Various

It turns out that prosecutor outside Chicago who wanted to ignore exculpating DNA evidence also used dubious bite mark proof. After a national expert who views all such evidence as bogus highlighted the testimony of two “experts” in a case where there was later a DNA exoneration (but the defendant is being denied a […]

Bits I learn from newspapers: Woody Guthrie’s sister is still alive, at 90, in their hometown of Okemah, OK

The centenary of Guthrie’s birth is next year, and Oklahoma has only just begun to celebrate his legacy. The George Kaiser Foundation is buying Guthrie’s papers from his daughter Nora and creating a center in Tulsa devoted to his legacy. Meanwhile, the town where he was born, Okemah, finally got around to celebrating him […]

How Judge Davidson shot down Dickie Scruggs’s First Amendment argument

I think the upshot of Judge Davidson’s ruling today on Dickie Scruggs’s petition to set aside his guilty plea in Scruggs II is pretty simple: “Well, you’re going to lose, but I’ll give you a hearing first.” And that seems a reasonable response.

The opinion is primarily a response to Scruggs’s motion for judgment on […]

Judge Davidson: Scruggs brief writer’s word “substitution… is not innocuous.”

Judge Davidson has ruled on Dickie Scruggs’s motion for a judgment on the pleadings, in which Scruggs asserted his conduct with regard to Judge DeLaughter was protected by the First Amendment.

He also rules that there will be an evidentiary hearing about Scruggs’s alleged innocence.

In doing so, Judge Davidson tosses a nice dart at […]