Classic Political Poster

This a 1970s poster Frank used for the Massachusetts legislature. From Henrik Hertzberg’s blog post about Frank, which is well worth reading. He begins by noting that “retiring” just isn’t the right word for anything about Frank.

Judge Davidson tells Scruggs attorneys he is “quite capable” of reading the record

Dickie Scruggs filed a motion to clarify the record, insinuating that the Government had somehow made misleading statements about whether there was a quid pro quo in Scruggs II (the case involving Judge DeLaughter, Ed Peters, the federal bench opportunity and several million dollars paid to Peters to secretly work Judge DeLaughter).

My reading of […]

“The Prosecution’s Case Against DNA”

The New York Times Magazine has an interesting article about a prosecutor near Chicago and a murder case in which he’s obtained three convictions. In the third trial, there was proof there was no DNA match for semen found in the eleven year old girl who was the victim. This is part of a larger […]

Some notes on J. Edgar

I enjoyed the movie J. Edgar the other day. As a result, I was poking around the internet following up on some of the historical details. Reading about the anarchist bombings that helped fuel the Palmer raids, I hit an odd detail: The anarchists sent mail bombs to a lot of prominent political figures and […]

A Shrine to Vinyl: Domino Records in New Orleans

Went to Domino Records on Bayou in the Treme in New Orleans today. Totally a shrine to vinyl: I got three 45s for Scott Barretta’s juke box (“Scratch My Back” by Slim Harpo, “Working on a Coal Mine” by Lee Dorsey, and “The Things I Used To Do” by Guitar Slim. My daughter snatched […]

Weekend Various

I had scarce internet access Wednesday through Friday… The New York Times looks at Waffle House and crime, and asks if there are more odd crime stories relating to Waffle House, or do they get noticed more because of the Waffle House connection? The story lacks the usual obligatory references to those Waffle House songs […]

When you are in Alabama, be sure your papers are in order.

From this story, I learn two things: 1) If you don’t have “proper identification” on your person in Alabama, you will be arrested under the new immigration law. It’s the law, now: They can arrest you if your papers are not in order; 2) The Tuscaloosa police has arrested a 46 year old Mercedes […]

Tom Toles on the GOP Primaries

The Washington Post has a pretty hilarious slide show of Tom Toles’s cartoons about the GOP primaries. I’ve put two below.

Monday Morning Various

A couple of weeks after being subjected to one of the most scathing United States Supreme Court arguments in history for its misconduct in failing to turn over exculpatory evidence, the New Orleans district attorney’s office faced yet another exoneration for Brady information it wrongfully withheld. This time, for good measure, two NOPD officers […]

Home Chef Market in Tupelo

While we were in Tupelo at mid-day today, we happened upon Home Chef Market in Tupelo at 1203 North Gloster Street.  It’s just been purchased by Chef Mitchell McCamey, who grew up in Tupelo (and in restaurants) but has spent the last decade plus earning his stripes in places like the Hot and Hot Fish […]