Wyatt Emmerich writes about (and against) police DUI practices

Writing in the Northside Sun, Wyatt Emmerich attacks Mississippi practices concerning DUI arrests as dubious and often illegal.

One note: He cites a “Colorado study that shows “20 percent of those arreted for DUIs had legal blood alcohol levels.” I made a pretty serious effort to find this study– could find lots of references to […]

Tuesday Morning Various

Is lager another product of the Columbian exchange? Apparently, cold brewing began in the 14th century but did not really take off until the 15th. And, apparently, until now no one knew the origins of one of the yeasts that makes cold brewing work because it thrives in colder environments. The Economist reports that scientists […]

Seal the Government response to Dickie Scruggs US v. Scruggs II?! No!!

Today, the US Attorney’s office filed a motion to seal their response to Dickie Scruggs’s effort to set aside his plea in Scruggs II. Recall that his pleading is based on the US Supreme Court decision in Skilling that honest services cases require bribery or the like. Their response apparently includes evidence they would use […]

Radley Balko on West, Hayne, and the AG’s race

Radley Balko goes into details about how Jim Hood and Steve Simpson have staked out different positions about Stephen Hayne, Michael West, and the scandal over Mississippi’s lack of a pathologist. And in doing so, brings up Dr. Roger Weiner, who told Balko that “in Mississippi, the cause of death is open to the highest […]

Honeyboy Edwards has died. 1915-2011.

Honeyboy Edwards began playing blues in the 30s in the Delta, came to know Robert Johnson there– was with him about the time of his death– recorded for Alan Lomax in the early 40s, and moved to Chicago. He has been the last link to prewar recorded blues from Mississippi for some time, and it […]

Checking out Spotify (and Christgau’s new blog)

You may have read about Spotify, the English internet service that claims well over a million songs, supposedly having about everything (it doesn’t, about which more in a bit, but is extraordinary in what it has). Right now, there are two ways to access it: A free account, which has some advertising involved, and a […]

Mississippi Native Flowers: Local Honey with Chinese characters

from the grocery store part of Mr. Chen‘s in Jackson, Mississippi

“…assaulted a disabled man confined to a wheelchair by slapping him in the face with a fish…”

Sentence of the day, courtesy of ColRebSez (go to the link for the man with the world’s scariest collection of mug shots. And contemplate that the man is only 52):

They say 52-year-old Dale McDaniel has chased neighbors down with a chainsaw and even assaulted a disabled man confined to a wheelchair by slapping him […]

Oxford Square security cameras are watching you

The Tupelo Journal writes about the city unveiling the ten cameras around the square. One I’ve posted about in is front of my office; the others are at North Lamar by the First National Bank, at South Lamar at the Square Books, cater-corner across from the Library on Jefferson, and catercorner across from Proud Larrys […]

Mississippi leads nation in proportion of same-sex couples raising children

Daily Journal reports that Mississippi leads the nation in the proportion of same-sex couples rearing children (while being 41st nationwide in the overall ratio of same-sex couples). This is a finding of the Williams Institute, which is based upon 2010 census data. The institute is putting out maps for each state; the above from […]