Do you have memories of eating out in Oxford?

There’s an Oxford Restaurant history thread going absolutely nuts on Facebook

The focus is on restaurants gone, with some folks posting about current places.

I’ve commented about my favorites gone-by (Ruby’s, L&M, Marie’s, the Busy Bee) and earliest recalls (Winter’s, Jim’s Burgers) along with various bbq places (Kay’s, Loebs-Coleman’s, Deke’s).

It’s a very active thread– […]

Friday Morning remembering Dean

At Dean Faulkner Wells’s graveside service yesterday, everyone sang “Bye Bye Blackbird,” which (as I’m sure Dean was fully aware would happen when she asked for that) broke everyone up, and Jim Dees read the excerpt below from Wallace Steven’s “Sunday Morning.”

We live in an old chaos of the sun, Or an old dependency […]

Picture of the day: The Leopard and his Spots

That’s former Louisiana Governor and federal penitentiary inmate Edwin Edwards, walking from his wedding at the Monteleone Hotel to lunch at Galatoire’s.

He’s also planning a 500+ plate dinner and roast (which is to be lead by Louisiana Democratic Party head Buddy Leach). As the Times Picayune story notes, he fits Louisiana’s love of […]

Dean Faulkner Wells

Posted in memory of Dean Faulkner Wells, 1936-2011.

West Memphis 3 File Motion for New Trial Based on DNA Evidence

As I wrote in late 2009, DNA at the site where the victims were found in the West Memphis Three case has been identified as linked to one of the victim’s stepfather but none to any of the three convicted in the murders. A defense motion has just been filed, reported in the Commercial Appeal, […]

What’s with the Bruce tire guy?

On the north side of Bruce, Mississippi, just to the West of Highway 9 on a little gravel road is a 20+ foot tall sculpture of a guy built entirely out of tires.

I’m not sure how I missed noticing this before, but it caught my attention this weekend. I’m sorry the picture […]

BBQ for Neshoba

I got Boston buts from Stan’s, who is getting their pork from Brown Family Farm, rubbed it with some spices (paprika, kosher salt, demara sugar, dry mustard, ground cumin, ground chili arbol) and then cooked it about 24 inches over hickory coals in an enclosed pit for about fourteen hours.

Things started slowly– the […]

Who is going to Thacker at the Neshoba County Fair?

It should be a good one.

Drop me an email or say something in comments if you’re going.

Mayor Dean of Nashville uses Charley Patton’s “Highwater Everywhere” in campaign ad!

This is Mayor Dean’s final campaign ad. I know essentially nothing about Mayor Dean, but this ad– which “thanks Nashville” and shows children with art remembering the flood in Nashville– is incredibly cool for its music, Charley Patton’s song “Highwater Everywhere,” about the 1927 flood.

Charley Patton was in the first generation of Mississippi […]

Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Del McCory Band perform “I’ll Fly Away”

This was on Letterman last night.