I’m not positive, but I think Justice Thomas has written the strangest Supreme Court opinion I ever read

Yesterday in the electronic game case, Justice Thomas released a dissent going into great details about what he thought the founding father’s views of parental/child relations were.

Anderson (and others) keyed in on the opening references to the parenting styles of Cotton Mather and the Puritans. Reading through that passage, I thought that he was […]

Judge Biggers denies Zach Scruggs motion to reconsider

When Judge Biggers partially denied Zach Scruggs’s motion for summary judgment on his habeas claim, Zach Scruggs moved for reconsideration just before the hearing. Judge Biggers has now shot down that effort, ruling, first, that the argument he must grant summary judgment because of the Government’s inadequate response is wrong, and, second, that the “jurisdictional” […]

“Conceivably, they will simply throw the opinions into the air in frustration”

Here’s a nice tirade.

Justice Scalia (by himself) dissented from denial of certiorari in Derby v United States, representing a group of sentencing guidelines cases that involve the question whether various state offenses would or would not count as violent for guidelines purposes. The rules (both from the Supreme Court and among the lower courts) […]

The Government Rests (in US v Zach Scruggs)

The Government has decided to follow the wise counsel of Tim in comments and decided to rest without putting on any additional proof. Here’s their notice to that effect.

Here’s my post about Judge Biggers’s order which takes note of the pleadings suggesting the Government hadn’t been given a chance to put on proof.


Monday Morning Various

Errol Morris’s great documentary The Thin Blue Line told the story of a Randall Adams’s wrongful conviction in Dallas that put Adams on death row and in prison for 12 years. The New York Times has an obituary for Randall Adams. When the documentary came out the story of wrongful conviction and exoneration was […]

Mike Waterson, RIP

Mike Waterson of the English singing group the Watersons died on Wednesday. From the New York Times obituary:

A vital part of the British folk revival of the 1960s, the Watersons were known especially for their renditions of traditional British music, including ballads, work songs and ancient carols. Through their small discography and their concerts […]

“enough money to burn a wet mule”

Gov. Barbour, speaking at the Republican Leadership conference in New Orleans, noted that Sarah Palin “could raise enough money to burn a wet mule.”

This caught Andrew Sullivan’s attention, and he quoted a reader (from Atlanta) had never heard this saying and claimed it was some sort of bogus pseudo-southern affectation on Gov. Barbour’s […]

“Scruggs has had second thoughts about what he said…”

Interesting lede in Alyssa Schnugg’s piece in the Eagle today about Scruggs’s effort to set aside his plea:

When Richard “Dickie” Scruggs stood before U.S. District Court Judge Glen Davidson in February 2009, he apologized for his behavior and said he hoped his pleading guilty to his second judicial bribery charge would be the first […]

About that motion to vacate in Scruggs II

Does this mean there will be a hearing in which Ed Peters, Trent Lott, and Bobby DeLaughter all get to tell their stories?

The Never Ending Story of US v. Zach Scruggs

Judge Biggers has entered an order on Zach Scruggs’s motion to file a sur-reply brief. I’ll do no more than observe that I sure wondered about the local rule limiting the number of pages for briefs, and that I’m certainly surprised to read that the hearing might not be over.

Here’s what Judge Biggers wrote: