A couple of other Doubledecker highlights

Cedric Burnside played a really nice set on the North Stage in which he was joined by family members like Gary Burnside and Luther and Cody Dickinson.

In addition to the ice cream from Taylor Grocery, a food highlight was the smoked boudin from LB’s Meat Market. They also had hamburgers from Lafayette County […]

Taylor Grocery made ice cream from Brown Family milk for Doubledecker

Taylor Grocery Catering had an ice cream machine set up on the Square for Doubledecker. They were using Brown Family Dairy Farm milk and freezers set up with an antique Ford farm motor.

The motor is a working antique (I think I’ve seen it at the Farmer’s Market grinding cornmeal) and makes a put-put […]


Anyone coming to the fest tonight or tomorrow, drop me a line at the nmisscommentor gmail address

How High’s The Water? Judge says Corps can decide whether to dynamite the levee

Reuters has reported that a federal judge in Missouri has rejected that state’s objection to the Corps dynamiting the levee at the New Madrid Birds Point flood control structure. I posted earlier about this issue here.

The report states that, if the river at Cairo reaches 61 feet, they will open the levee. It’s projected […]

Government responds to Scruggs motion to disqualify

The Government’s response to Zach Scruggs’s motion to disqualify begins with a long section describing the conspiracy attempt to bribe Judge Lackey from the Government’s perspective. This section is largely intended to rebut Scruggs’s attempt to redefine what happened, but is not so much a response to the issues directly raised by the motion to […]

Judge Biggers sets a hearing on the motion to disqualify

Judge Biggers has entered an order setting a hearing on Zach Scruggs’s motion to disqualify Bob Norman, a motion I posted about here. The order states:

This cause comes before the Court upon the motion of David Zachary Scruggs to disqualify Assistant United States Attorney Robert Norman from continuing participation as counsel for the Government […]

Davis-Kidd bookstore in Memphis to remain open

A deal was cut at the hearing to approve the sale this morning, and David-Kidd in Memphis will survive. The Memphis Business Journal reports:

The former owner of Joseph-Beth Group, Neil Van Uum, will purchase the assets of Memphis’ Davis-Kidd Booksellers through a new entity, DK Booksellers LLC. …

Van Uum offered his apologizes to […]

Someone asked for a couple of flood songs

Charley Patton, High Water Everywhere, Pt. 1 (an account of the 1927 flood in the Mississippi Delta)

Here’s Irma Thomas’s cover of the Bessie Smith song “Backwater Blues”




Plaintiff, fleeing in terror from four pound wiener dog, obtains $130K judgment! Court of appeals says no, reverses and renders!

When Outlaw returned to the counter with the sugar, she began to sob.

In the case of Penny Pinchers vs. Outlaw, the Court of Appeals has vindicated the honor of dachshunds everywhere.

The manager of the local Penny Pinchers store took her puppy Sophie to work. Sophie was a dachshund that weighed in at […]

Oxford storm damage

A tornado apparently cross from the area around Highway 6 west and Thacker Heights to the northwest past Northpoint Sudivision. I can specifically recall since my childhood a half-dozen or more tornadoes taking that exact track.

A friend in Northpointe (the subdivision on the road that cuts through from Highway 7 North to Old 7 […]