Last Day to vote for Vish Bhatt for Best Chef Gulf

I mentioned earlier that Snackbar chef Vish Bhatt is up for Food & Wine Magazine’s people’s choice for best up and coming chef in the Gulf Coast region. Today is the last day to vote. Go to this link and scroll all the way to the bottom where you just have to click on Vish’s […]

Brunch at Restaurant Patois near the park in New Orleans

After two times by there in about a month, both with large tables and therefore much opportunity to sample things from the brunch menu, I’m ready to conclude that Restaurant Patois has the best Sunday brunch among newish restaurants in New Orleans.

The restaurant is in a really nice converted commercial space in a neighborhood […]

Jerry Mitchell writes about Gov. Barbour’s presidential chances and fact-checks his memories of Martin Luther King

Jerry Mitchell has two stories in the Clarion Ledger this morning, one that has various folks talking about Gov. Barbour’s presidential chances (the conclusions– that Barbour is smart, that he’s got favor-chips to call in over the country, that he’s got to overcome being from Mississippi, perceptions about that and race, his accent, and his […]

Man indicted for handing out jury nullification pamphlets at the courthouse

Yet another First Amendment question, this time involving a pamphleteer.

Julian Heicklen is a retired professor of Chemistry at Penn State. He is given to eccentric expressions of his libertarian beliefs– e.g. smoking pot at the gates of Penn State once a week because he does not believe it should be criminalized (although, he […]

Memphis inmate who refused to be released into the snow was convicted…

Remember the guy who refused to leave jail when the prosecutors dropped his charge from a felony to a misdemeanor and he’d already served more than the time he could get on the remaining charge?

The Commercial Appeal reports that he defended himself in his trial, lost, and, as the jury filed out said “Shame […]

Federal District Court upholds heckler’s veto

Eugene Volkh blogs a district court case involving advertisements on Seattle city buses. A group called Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign bought space for an ad with the text “Isreali War Crimes: Your Tax Dollars at Work” and a photo of children in front of a bombed building. After the city agreed to run the ad, […]

Saturday Morning Various

A fellow from Vicksburg, Kenny Williams, fishing for buffalo (possibly the least favorite fish eating experience of my life?) caught instead a giant, possibly the largest ever, alligator gar (depicted above). The thing is 8’5″+, weighs 327 pounds, and the guy all by himself wrassled it into his boat and brought it in. It’s a […]

Changes to the Blogroll

I’ve updated my blog roll for the first time in a long time. It’s down in the lower left column.

I’ve added one feature– if you hold your mouse pointer over a link, it shows my description of the blog. I’ve deleted blogs that aren’t there any more and added a few that I regularly […]

Thacker Tonight: Blues at the Lyric– Alvin Hart and John Wilkins (blues) and Gray Montgomery (rockabilly)

The Living Blues Symposium is in town, and Scott Barretta has a hand in bringing in some interesting music for Thacker Mountain tonight at 6:00 at the Lyric. Alvin Youngblood Hart is on the bill; the video above is him doing Skip James “Illinois Blues.”

Rockabilly musician Gray Montgomery from Louisiana just across the […]

Life-as-Onion department: Saif Gadaffi, student of Democritization

Actually, the Onion have less of a blunt-instrument approach.

Saif Gadaffi, Muammar Gadaffhi’s son, who delivered the speech a day or so ago stating that his father’s regime would fight to the last minute and the last bullet, has a PhD from the London School of Economics. His dissertation was titled: “The Role of Civil […]