Puzzlement: Doug Hodgkin accidentally in the news

The post I wrote back in March about the release of Doug Hodgkin (who was convicted of murder here in Oxford in the 1980s) had a few hundred fews that month, and after a couple of months quieted down to 30-50 views a month. Suddenly, in the last two days, it’s had almost 800 views, […]

What is it?

Is it

a) An interior detail from a building designed by Guadi, partially damaged in an earthquake? b) A table with strange shag carpet affixed to both top and bottom? c) A 3D snowflake photographed through an electron microscope? d) Something else?

Answers (and more) here. h/t Dr. X.


Judge Yerger finds that Eaton Corp. knew Peters illegally influenced Bobby DeLaughter, dismisses Eaton’s case

Judge Yerger has accepted the special master’s findings that Eaton Corp and its counsel knew Ed Peters was hired to secretly work Judge DeLaughter on the case, and illegally contacted Judge DeLaughter to influence him, and did illegally influence him, and, as a result of those fact findings, demised Eaton Corp.’s case entirely. Having already […]

Gov. Barbour suspends sentences of the Scott sisters

The Scott sisters were jailed for armed robbery, given two life sentences in 1994. The Governor has suspended those sentences. After the parole board did not recommend pardon or commutation, Gov. Barbour asked for a review and the parole board recommended indefinite suspension, which he says is effectively parole.

Gov. Barbour has done a good […]

Bobby DeLaughter: On the road again?

Patsy Brumfield at the Daily Journal reports:

Bobby DeLaughter, former Hinds County circuit judge, appears to be moving from a federal prison, where he has spent much of his 15-month sentence for lying to investigators in a judicial bribery probe.

DeLaughter pleaded guilty to one count of lying about conversations with his friend and former […]

The problem of machine translation

Anderson is noted (at least by some) for fretting here and there about the quality of this or that literary translation.

He’ll want to check the translation out below. The Chinese characters apparently read “Please wait outside the 1-meter line.”

h/t Fallows

The Argentine Ant, in Fiction and in Science

When we came to settle here we did not know about the ants. We’d be all right here, it seemed that day; the sky and green looked bright, too bright, perhaps, for the worries we had, my wife and I– how could we have guessed about the ants? Thinking it over, thug, Uncle Augusto […]

They have you covered

From Arlen Coyle’s Twitter feed. This is on Memphis Street in Holly Springs, I think.

Monday Mid-Day Various

It appears that two Mississippi blogs I like, AndersonBlogs and IpseBlogit, are back at it, at least to a degree. There’s an article about unconfirmed judicial nominees in the Wall Street Journal. I’d like a non-partisan look at this subject– just how much is this a problem of Senate obstructionism, how much slowness of […]

How To Decide Where To Drink In New Orleans

I’ve a huge backlog of things to post. Here’s one, a decision tree for selecting a bar in New Orleans that’s pretty entertaining, courtesy of Blackened Out blog. The authors are selling posters of it (preorder at this email WhereToGetDrinks@gmail.com), and are already working on an update.

(click on the image to enlarge)