A repeat blog recommendation: 12th Chancery District Blog

I want to repeat my recommendation of the 12th Chancery District blog run by Chancery Judge Larry Primeaux. It is one of the most useful law-related blogs I have encountered , with accurate checklists for use in the judge’s court (including citations to the cases and statutes on which the checklists are based), regular updates […]

Reprimand recommended for Judge Littlejohn for jailing Danny Lampley over the pledge.

The Judicial Performance Commission has found that Judge Littlejohn violated Danny Lampley’s First Amendment rights by incarcerating him for refusing to say the pledge of allegiance, and has recommended to the Mississippi Supreme Court that Judge Littlejohn be given a public reprimand and fined $100 for violating Lampley’s rights.

The decision as to sanction is […]

Podcast recommendation: Check out “Sound Opinions” from WBEZ in Chicago

WBEZ is known to some folks on this blog as the home of “This American Life,” which is my favorite radio show on public radio (perhaps my favorite of all time, in which case I’ll register apologies to both Bob and Ray). As if that’s not enough, it has solved a problem for me:

Since […]

The Mayflower’s salad dressing on Food Network’s Best Thing I Ever Ate

Food Network has a show called “Best Thing I Ever Ate,” around themes (e.g. tonight: garlic, sauce). Sometimes I get the impression the narrator is talking about food that is a near religious experience, and other times I wonder if they drew an assignment where they had slight familiarity.

Tonight, they did sauces, and had […]

Rumor mill churning about Ole Miss coaches and Houston Nutt

I’m hearing from someone close to the program that Pete Boone gave Houston Nutt a list of assistants that need firing, Nutt asked for a week, and that the demanded firing is “not Nutt’s style.”

This is, of course, a rumor. While I’ve been dismayed during the season at what to my lay eyes seem […]

Great Vintage Kitchen Gadget-Norton cyrstolon knife sharpener

My wife and I collect in a low-impact kind of way antique or vintage kitchen gadgets, particularly if they have wooden or bakelite green handles (for my wife) or if they are interesting antique cutting tools (me, but both categories have lots of cross-over).

Last time out, while in Nacogdoches, Texas, just catercorner from the […]

Justice Stevens’s death penalty review essay in New York Review of Books

Earlier today, I mentioned that Justice Stevens had written a review-essay about the death penalty that was not yet online. It is now. H/t to Volkh Conspiracy for the link.

Coach Nutt denies speculation he’s contemplating the Colorado position

Parish Alford reports a text message on his Daily Journal Ole Miss sports blog, referring probably to this internet post:

Internet speculation linking Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt with the Colorado job has picked up steam this evening, some reports saying Nutt will be named the CU coach Monday.

A few minutes ago Nutt responded […]

Turkey Gumbo with Donald Link’s deer sausage (recipe and comments)

Turkey gumbo is my standard weekend post-Thanksgiving or Christmas production. It’s slightly tricky– turkey stock has a strong flavor that has to be accommodated in a way chicken or even seafood stock does not, and the turkey meat cannot stand any length of cooking in the stock without turning stringy.

A secondary issue with all […]

Open thread so Anderson can gloat about the football game yesterday

I was there. I did not enjoy it. I also did not enjoy the obnoxiousness of some State fans in my proximity, who brought home the Semmes Luckett remark quoted in Jim Dee’s piece about this rivalry in GQ online– that State fans “hate us more than they love themselves.”

Not in their defense, but […]