Brown’s Family Farm Does Chicken!

I went out to the Brown’s farm sometime in the summer, and was interested to note a number of developments: There were hogs out there, whose pens were down at the back of the field, and there were chickens pecking around.

I asked about the plans, and Billy Ray was suitably vague– he was going […]

Stop Action: Football in Vaught-Hemingway

So watch real carefully and you’ll see the flyover, and even the Auburn band spelling out their UA logo.

This was done by Robert Jordan of Media Productions on campus. Pretty cool.

h/t Daniel Morrow’s facebook feed

Rebel Bear Claws for tailgating from the Bottletree Bakery

My friend Cynthia Gerlach told me she was doing rebel bear claws this weekend, and so I got a tray of them to take to the grove. Stop by the tent I share (right on Grove Loop more-or-less across from the concrete sign for the Law Center) and grab one.


Wendell Blount, nabbed in Baton Rouge

Months after he took flight after he was convicted but before being sentenced in federal court, Wendell Blount got nabbed by federal officers in Baton Rouge. Patsy Brumfield writes:

Former Calhoun County businessman Wendell Blount is back in custody after six months on the run from prison time.

U.S. Marshals said Friday they arrested Blount, […]

There’s a Bear on the Square

Two doors down, the folks at Rooster’s don’t seem to want to make him welcome.

I would not want to be the bouncer having to enforce that sign if the bear decides to come in anyway.

Meanwhile, down at Lindsey’s Chevron, yet another opinion about the proper mascot seems to be expressed. […]

It Takes A Mysterious Apostrophe

I asked the wearer of the shirt what the apostrophe signified. She was as mystified as I was. I’m not sure I’d wear a shirt I did not understand.

Curtis Wilkie interviewed on Mississippi Edition this AM

Sandra Knispel interviewed Curtis Wilkie this morning on Mississippi public radio. She began by asking about the title invoking a Greek tragedy, she asked: wast it is inevitable his house would fall and crumble?

A. Probably not. It fell because of some poor judgment on his part, the association of some people who got him […]

New Barry Hannah Selected Stories at Square Books

Long, Last, Happy: New and Selected Stories by Barry Hannah is just out and available at Square Books in Oxford. It has nine of the eleven stories in Airships, an early story, “Trek,” from 1964, and not been previously collected, four new stories from the last ten years, and seventeen more stories selected from Barry’s […]

Fascinating pictures on the Hokumburg Goombah blog

Thanks to an NPR blog, I’ve learned of an extraordinary blog that seems St. Louis based. It ranges from political content to historical stuff and beyond, in a way that I associate with the early days of the blogosphere but thought might have been gone.

The first picture might be the earliest photograph of a […]

Did the circuit court explain the ruling in the personhood suit? Nope.

Will Bardwell gets this right— the Circuit Court order dismissing the challenge to the “personhood” suit is a startlingly brazen dodge. The order accurately states the question– Is this an amendment to the state bill of rights, which is the constitution specifically prohibits amending by petition?– and then notes that there are enough signatures, and […]