Quick! Call Christine O’Donnell! We have proof!

Reflecting for a moment on the Daily Journal story about the Ole Miss mascot, I saw something I just simply missed when I first read it– here within a six month period, we’ve had evidence of evolution! Those Hottys and Toddys must have a life span and reproduction rate of fruit flies!

Here’s what the […]

Tom Franklin’s new novel gets nice review in Washington Post

Oxford writer Tom Franklin’s new novel, Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter, gets a nice review from the books editor of the Washington Post. The review said

Franklin is a master of subtle withholding, revealing lines of culpability and sympathy in this small town one crooked letter at a time. Some sins are too late to atone […]

Southern Foodways Barbecue Trails series launches Mississippi Trail

The Southern Foodways Alliance has a series of websites called “trails” where they collect food-related oral histories. There’s a gumbo and a boudin trail in Louisiana and a Delta tamale trail in Mississippi, for instance. Each trail has an introductory essay, a map, and individual oral histories where a cook talks about the food and […]

Will Bardwell’s Accounts of the Graves Confirmation Hearing

Will Bardwell went to Washington and observed confirmation hearing for Justice Graves in the Fifth Circuit; he’s written about it on Twitter, on his blog, and for the Daily Journal. He describes some of the hearing, which was attended by Senators Al Franken, John Cornyn, and Jeff Sessions. Justice Graves was introduced by Mississippi Senators […]

Report from the Mascot Selection Committee: Belief in the dual nature of Hotty and Toddy is heresy

The mascot selection committtee debated the dual nature of Hotty and Toddy and has decreed that Hotty and Toddy are one, henceforth to be called Hotty Toddy. All those who persist in the belief that Hotty and Toddy had two aspects are to be excommunicated as heretics.

All those who believed in the lion and […]

Stanley Fish says to quit calling the Tea Party names

Before you read the post, I want you to contemplate that I’m perfectly justified to use a red-figure krater by the 5th C BC Greek potter Euphronios to illustrate a post about the Tea Party. The painting is Hercules wrestling with Antaeus.

Stanley Fish has a post up about the Tea Party on the […]

Appeal by reputed Klansman Seale may have been rejected by high court

My headline is an intentional invert of Jerry Mitchell’s misleading headline in today’s Clarion Ledger. He wrote: “Appeal by reputed Klansman Seale still could be heard by high court”. His article starts:

Reputed Mississippi Klansman James Seale has another chance of the U.S. Supreme Court agreeing to hear his case

Seale’s appeal of his conviction […]

Mrs. Bristol’s famous hams, circa 1937

Dr. X’s vintage photos has one up that is dumfounding on many levels. Of great interest (at least to me) is the photo itself, which illustrates the mail-order country ham business of Mrs. Mark Bristol, whose customers (circa 1937) included the Duke of Windsor. The post describes how her hams were prepared:

It takes Mrs. […]

Phillip Thomas on the Rebelwood case and confirmation issues about Justice Graves

Phillip Thomas at the Mississippi Litigation Blog has two nice posts. It may be confirmation bias, because he agrees with me on both (and in one explicitly so), but the posts are both worth reading.

One is about the Rebelwood case, and (like me) thinks that Justice Chandler got it right: The police report was […]

Mark Halperin speculates: Will Barbour run or not?

In a Time Magazine piece headed “GOP Kingmaker or Candidate,” Halperin writes:

Among the totems in Haley Barbour’s office in Jackson, Miss., is a cheeky sign that reads, “Power corrupts but absolute power is kinda cool.”

In this season of broad conservative ascent, Barbour is approaching absolute power. As chairman of the Republican Governors Association, […]