Cheese steak with onions all the way (Mistilis Restaurant)

Who wants one of those?

This is an Oxford restaurant memory. Mistilis had its last location out on College Hill Road (it’s first was next to the Eagle on Jackson Avenue as far as I know). The main things there as far as I was concerned were the cheese steak, mentioned above, a chef’s […]

NY Review blog asks: What are the most interesting secrets of modern Chinese history?

There was a apparently recently a highest-possible level meeting of Chinese Communist Party officials, worrying about the security of the most sensitive of government documents– what happens if there’s a day of reckoning and these documents come out, wikileaks style?

This caused online speculation about what events would be most interesting to those focused on […]

Missing Dog Report in Square area in Oxford

Gail Brown posted the above and following on Facebook and I was asked to relay it on my blog.

ATTN OXFORD, MS FRIENDS: I have found reason to believe our MISSING DOG is now in Oxford and been around the areas of North Lamar & around the downtown square. If you are around town […]

An Anti-PowerPoint Rant from an Army Officer

Colonel Lawrence Sellin, a reserve officer in Afghanistan, was fired for publicly editorializing about his hatred of PowerPoint and how it is used at the command level in the army. Folks may remember my personal dislike of PowerPoint, and the slide above that was sent ’round the net as an example of the perniciousness […]

The Recovery Of the Lower 9th: a video look at 20 blocks (from the NYTimes)

The New York Times has a really remarkable look at recovery in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans since Katrina (above is a partial screen shot), based on research by Anthony Curtis, a professor at USC. His research involves gathering video evidence of changes in the neighborhood; what the NY Times has up […]

Friday Mid-Day Various

A Ripley alderman was arrested today for capital murder! “Ripley Ward 3 Alderman Lonnie Smith was arrested late Friday morning by Tippah authorities and charged with capital murder in connection with the April shooting death of Antrozon D. Wallace of Ripley.” More in the Daily Journal. The New York Times has a piece comparing […]

Say it ain’t so… Albert… (Pujols and LaRussa to appear at Glen Beck rally)

The Saint Louis Post Dispatch is reporting that Cardinal’s slugger Albert Pujols is going to appear at Glen Beck’s rally in D.C. tomorrow, along with manager Tony LaRussa who… somehow… thinks its not a political event:

“I made it clear when we were approached: I said, ‘If it’s political, I wouldn’t even approach Albert with […]

Turner Family fife and drum picnic is Friday and Saturday near Como, Mississippi

Scott Barretta writes in the Clarion Ledger:

One of Mississippi’s oldest and most unique musical traditions is the fife and drum picnic, which has traditionally had its strongest roots in Tate and Panola counties. On Friday and Saturday the tradition continues with the Otha Turner Family Goat Barbecue and Picnic in the Como area.

Musicians […]

Misc. Warnings

Mississippi Barbecue: Oddly enough, my current favorite is in Oxford– Tallulah’s Kitchen

This must be karma or something, but the real irony of my Mississippi barbecue tour is that the best sandwich I’ve eaten in the whole series, (and probably the best in Mississippi, although the state of Mississippi barbecue makes me think this may be like being the best gumbo in Kansas) is from Tallulah’s Kitchen […]