Tuesday lunch at Marie’s Lebanese Cuisine

Tuesday lunch at Marie’s here in Oxford is maklubi. It is (this is far too prosaic a description) shredded cooked chicken and toasted pine nuts and almonds on rice cooked with ground meat in it, and, along with kebbeh and Marie’s casserole, among my favorite things on Marie’s menu.

The restaurant’s last day is Friday, […]

More about Barry

William Grimes obit for Barry Hannah in the New York Times is well worth reading. Check it out.

Sid Salter on Barry Hannah

At 5:00 (in about 10 minutes), Sid Salter is going to have Curtis Wilkie and some other guy from Oxford on the phone talking about Barry Hannah on Mississippi Supertalk Radio.

Hey everybody, give Rep. Greg Ed Ward a call, asks why he won’t bring up the animal cruelty bill

Greg Ed Ward, state representative from Tippah County (Ripley), is the chairman of the House agriculture committee. There’s an animal cruelty bill that makes cruelty a felony; it’s passed the Senate but, according to WAPT TV will die if Ward doesn’t call his committee to act on it:

Tuesday is the last day for […]

I am very sad to report the death of Barry Hannah

The Eagle has reported this. The Oxford Conference of the Book this weekend centers around his work.

Where’d you go?

In court in Aberdeen.

Let’s call this an open thread and hope that the craziness is kept to a reasonable minimum.