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Another reason to avoid hamburger meat

Don’t read this while eating.

There’s a company in South Dakota (Beef Products, Inc. One of its plants is depicted above. It looks like a factory in a Terry Gilliam movie) that, eight years ago, decided to take beef scraps that had previously been thought fit only for pet food or making into cooking […]

Open Thread: What are your new year’s plans?

Unusually, mine are slightly in flux. What are you folks up to?

Will do!

Sign from the Federal Pentitiary in Illinois where some of the Guantanamo prisoners will be taken. H/t TalkingPoints.

Reports on the West Memphis 3 case from CNN and elsewhere

Back in October, I linked to a New York Times story about questions being raised in the “West Memphis 3” case. CNN had a long story the other day about the case.

[R]ecent developments — including new eyewitness statements and DNA evidence from the defense — have uprooted her faith in those prosecutions. Once a […]

Oxford bars come and go…

Is this a sign that the town has finally exceeded its saturation point for bars? Two newish bars have closed in the last month– the Bad Boyz Pizza place out on West Jackson (how many ill-starred businesses have been in that place? Pizza Inn. Something else. Don Panchos, which I miss. El Charo succeeded and […]

Mississippi Litigation Review speculates about the Fifth Circuit vacancy

His list starts with Justice Graves and goes on from there

Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Winston Kidd, Hinds County Chancery Court Judge Denise Owens, former Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Robert Gibbs, Jackson attorney Doug Minor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Felicia Adams, and Circuit Court Judge Margaret Carey-McRae.

He notes that Judge Kidd seems to […]

More about why I think liability may resolve Double Quick

Will Bardwell responded to my hunch that the Supreme Court may well not even get to the caps issue in the Double Quick case– he thinks they will get to it, because of the importance of the issue. In saying that, he leaves me wondering whether he understood why I think what I think.

It’s […]

More notes on Double Quick: Effective Assistance of Amicus

The most effective intellectual energy in the Double Quick briefs as far as I’m concerned is on the liability issue. The plaintiff was shot in the Double Quick parking lot, and the question is whether there was evidences the violence was foreseable under the Mississippi Supreme Court’s premises liability cases.

Double Quick makes the argument […]

Frisby lawyer to Clarion Ledger: “case is about to take a dramatic turn”

Saturday there was an article about the sealing of the file in Eaton v. Frisby, which is one of the two cases where Ed Peters was apparently secretly hired (by plaintiff Eaton Corp. and/or its lawyers) to influence Judge DeLaughter (the other being Wilson v. Scruggs). There’s an interesting “watch this space” heads up from […]