Wilson files expert reports explaining what he thought Scruggs owed him and why

There’s been an interesting document dump for folks interested in understanding the ins-and-outs of the Wilson v. Scruggs litigation, one that, given recent settlements, I was wondering if we’d ever get to see. What we got today were expert reports from Wilson’s side about how they would have calculated Wilson’s damages, from both his claim […]

Jaxrelief asked for a thread about last weekend’s Ole Miss-Miss. State game

I thought it had been discussed a bit in comments, and my baseball post was a tongue-in-cheek ducking of the subject.

Just for the record, I my posts have not been limited to after-the-fact glee. They’ve contained foreboding and meditation on having hopes crushed, about dizzying falls from grace (first word of the post: “Ouch.”) […]

Monday morning open thread

The Clarion Ledger has a story about the effort to raise the legal limit on alcohol content for beer. It does not sound like things have changed since I last noted it, although coverage in the Clarion Ledger will certainly raise its visibility.

Patsy Brumfield writes about the Scruggs scandals two years on

Patsy Brumfield has a couple of tw0-years-on thumb sucking pieces about the Scruggs scandals in the Daily Journal today. One focuses on the state bar leadership with some notes about the law school graduates of the last two years, and the other on law professor Ben Cooper’s ethics class and their take on the scandals. […]

I’ve decided to avoid thinking about football today

… and instead contemplate the infamous no hitter Doc Ellis pitched while tripping on LSD in 1970. Here’s an animated short with him telling the story in his own words.

h/t Bill Gregg

Note to the New York Times: The Delta is not Mississippi, but part of it

A negative and badly written New York Times review of John Grisham’s new book of short stories states that he grew up in the Delta (some of the time in the Arkansas Delta, perhaps, where his father’s roots are, I think, but I thought mostly in Southaven, which is not in the Delta, and where […]

Friday afternoon open thread

A quiet afternoon of reading cases, eating turkey sandwiches, and half-watching some football. Saw Oxford’s own Justin Woodall draw an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty (picked off an Auburn pass then threw away in a temper fit when he realized the play had been called dead and his interception was for naught). What is going down there […]

Sam Sifton: Emergency Answer Man Thanksgiving Morning

Sam Sifton is the 911-blogger for Thanksgiving tomorrow morning at the NY Times food blog.  Here’s what he’s offering:

The New York Times Thanksgiving Help Desk will open for business tomorrow morning at 7. I will be sitting at its w, armed with coffee, reference books, source lists, phone lists and all that the World […]

On the danger of frying turkeys

Yesterday, I noted Sam Sifton’s warning about how brining the turkey can lead to an explosion. Today, some research on the subject from the folks at Underwriters Laboratory.

Motorhome Diaries Jones County update: motions to dismiss filed

Since last May, I’ve been writing about arrests in Jones County, Mississippi of several travelers who write on the site MotorHomeDiaries.Com. They were stopped while passing through. They were arrested under a typically wrongheaded and vague use of the disorderly conduct statute, charged with failure to follow the lawful order of a law enforcement officer. […]