Yerks: Philly cheese steaks in Oxford, MS?

A blog post about Philly cheese steak on the NY Times web page makes me think of Yerks. Do any of the Oxford folks remember Yerks? It was here in the 80s and perhaps early 90s, run by a misplaced resident of Baltimore. He had one employee (and if you got a sandwich when Yerk […]

Eagle Story about the Lange/Dawson Scruggs book

Yesterday’s Eagle had a story about the upcoming Alan Lange & Tom Dawson book about the Scruggs and Paul Minor case.

Attorney Tom Dawson and Alan Lange, who manages the political blog Y’all Politics, met last year at an Ole Miss football game.

Dawson, who was one of the lead prosecutors in the Scruggs judicial […]

Another Thursday, Another decision list: Mississippi Supreme Court 10/29/09 list

The big news from the Mississippi Supreme Court’s decision list today is not the opinions, but the orders requiring trial courts to rule, soon, or other responses– all the orders require action in sixty days–on Post Conviction Relief petitions in capital cases. Four of the cases involve the question of whether the defendants are mentally […]

Former Memphis Mayor Herenton agrees with Justice Scalia about the “honest services” statute

Former Memphis Mayor and current congressional candidate Willie Herenton was sent a target letter by the U.S. Justice Department about a week ago. He has written the Attorney General to denounce this letter as a political ploy, pointing out that questions have been raised about “honest services” prosecutions.

I’m not seeing how there’s an honest […]

Southern Foodways Conference free event Sunday: a chitlins ballet, Roy Blount, Jr., and Nick Spitzer

The final event of the Southern Foodways conference is a free one at the Lyric Theater in Oxford at 10:00 AM. Here’s what they’re saying about it on their website:

SFA invites the public to a morning celebration of food and music


Bendiction by writer and humorist Roy Blount, Jr.


Gov. Barbour appoints Malcolm Harrison to complete Bobby DeLaughter’s term

The Clarion Ledger reports:

Gov. Haley Barbour today announced the appointment of Hinds County Attorney Malcolm Harrison to serve out the term of former Hinds County Circuit Judge Bobby DeLaughter.

“I am very pleased that Malcolm Harrison has accepted this important judicial position,” Barbour said in a statement. “He brings extensive […]

International Notes on the Risks of Being a Foodie

From an account of wild mushroom hunters, lost in the woods of Russia:

Aleksandr Zmanovsky, who leads a rescue team near Bratsk, said nearly every year someone goes into the wild and is never found — often because of bears, who so thoroughly bury the remains of a body that “we will never find anything.”


Judge Davidson sets DeLaughter sentencing for 11/13/09

Judge DeLaughter will be sentenced at 1:30 PM on November 13th in Judge Davidson’s courtroom in Aberdeen, Mississippi, accourding to an order entered this morning.

Alan Lange and Tom Dawson to publish book on Scruggs and Minor cases

Alan Lange was on the Paul Gallo show, announcing the December publication of his book on the Scruggs and Paul Minor cases. He’s got retired federal prosecutor Tom Dawson as coauthor. Here’s what he wrote on YallPolitics:

Today on the Paul Gallo show on Supertalk, I announced an upcoming book in December 2009. The book […]

Patsy Brumfield writes: “Tyler Edmonds Enjoying the Free Life”

Folks who go back to the Folo days will remember the case of Tyler Edmonds, the teenager convicted of murder based in part on the opinion testimony of Dr. Hayne, who opined that he could tell from a bullet entry wound that the gun that shot the victim had two sets of hands on it. […]