About That Ammunition Shortage at the Pascagoula Police Department

From Thus Blogged Anderson:

The Clarion-Ledger’s crack headline squad delivers another classic:

Pascagoula police kill man with machete

Couldn’t they just have shot him?

Alyssa Schnugg writes “A Father’s Lament”

Alyssa Shnugg at the Oxford Eagle has written a really remarkable story, the most humane (and thorough) about the tragedy that befell the Autry family last Friday in the hostage standoff in Oxford. Also, letting everyone tell their parts in it– a police officer who had dealt with Bilethon Autry, the chancery clerk, etc.– she […]

The current state of record stores in Manhattan

There’s a really sad piece in the New York Times about the current state of record stores in Manhattan (here meaning pretty much vinyl with cds as an afterthought, not so much the other way around)– it’s almost becoming an underground cult. I think I can remember every good– or even mediocre– indie store I […]

Rosanne Cash records 12 from her fathers “list” of great country songs

NPR has a story about Rosanne Cash’s new album:

September 28, 2009 – Back in 1973, Rosanne Cash told her father that she wanted to play country music for a living. Johnny Cash was, to put it mildly, an authority on the subject, so he made her a list of 100 essential songs she needed […]

Judge Yerger rules about release of three documents about contact between Peters and DeLaughter in Eaton

Judge Yerger has ruled that documents showing contact between Ed Peters and Judge DeLaughter about the Eaton v. Frisby case can be disclosed, although the scope of the ruling is not clear in Jimmie Gates’s story in the Clarion Ledger this morning. He writes:

Documents showing contact between Ed Peters and then-Hinds County Circuit Judge […]

Author Robert Goddard, source of “pure ditto-head psychosis” (Kirkus Reviews), to talk health care constitutionality on Gallo in the morning

So the afternoon email message about what’s up on SuperTalk Mississippi arrives, and I learn that Gallo will be talking health care tomorrow:

7:30-Robert Goddard, Mississippi Author-He’s InDaHouse. If health care laws within ObamaCare were judged by Constitutional standards, nothing we’ve seen in any of the proposed Bills would survive the Courts.

Robert Goddard? Mississippi […]

Midafternoon Various

The Panolan in Batesville has a story on page 3 where the mayor of Batesville is denying ever having said a thing to the Clarion Ledger about the sheriff being at his girlfriend’s house (I quoted the Clarion Ledger story yesterday). No hint in the Panolan about whether they gave the Clarion Ledger reporter […]

From Cochon Butcher in New Orleans

Looks great, doesn’t it? Want to try it (I do)?


A couple of more stories about the Oxford Hostage situation

The Daily Journal has an article about last Friday’s hostage situation in Oxford, that focuses on the neighbor’s reaction and some mention of what’s next in the criminal charges. The article notes that the brother who was killed was from Beloit, Wisconsin, and was visiting his family in Oxford.

Phyllis Niedfeldt, who lives across the […]

Jerry Mitchell asks: Did the ND Miss US Atty office target Muslim convenience stores after 9-11?

Jerry Mitchell has an interesting story in today’s Clarion Ledger about a “Convenience Store Initiative” by the Northern District of Mississippi U.S. Attorney’s office after 9/11 that targeted convenience stores, in particular those owned by folks with Muslim names. They found no evidence of connections to terrorism, but used the intiative as an opportunity for […]