The Health Care debate…

Devin Britton in New York

Here’s Devin Britton’s Twitter feed, about his exciting weekend in New York.

He seems to have been tied up with something the last few hours.

He plays “not before 1:00 PM” Eastern Time and it will be on ESPN2.

Law schools that sell for less? Ole Miss ranks fifth.

The National Jurist (I am unfamiliar with it…) did a ranking of “Best Value Law Schools.”  Ole Miss ranked fifth.  Here’s the method, quoted in a post titled “Dollar Store for Law Schools” on the blog Above The Law:

In determining what makes a law school a “best value,” we first looked at tuition, considering […]

Monday Morning Various

Later today, Ole Miss tennis start Devin Britton, who just turned pro, gets to play in his first-round match in his first U.S. Open. The New York Times had a story about this today. Against Roger Federer. Britton says “’It’s crazy,’ said Britton, speaking via cell phone from New York when asked his reaction […]

Bethany Moreton on Wal-Mart, small towns, and Oxford…

Bethany Moreton, who grew up in Oxford and is now a professor at the University of Georgia, has a book out titled To Serve God and Wal-Mart. I saw a brief article about it in LIke the Dew: A Journal of Southern Culture and Politics, which talks about the impact of WalMart on Oxford:

The […]

Mayoral candidate Prince Mongo “Hodges had arrived barefoot with goggles, a flowing blonde wig and his bare legs painted purple and pink.”

Since ex-Mayor Herenton decided to opt out, the Commercial Appeal turned to Prince Mongo for the bizarro-coverage of this week’s Memphis mayoral debate.  And Prince Mongo proves that he still has what it takes, to quote Commercial Appeal columnist Wendi Thomas, to have “made a mockery of the democratic process.”

The obvious unseriousness of […]

AP follow-up on New York Times Katrina-Memorial Medical Center story

The Times-PIcayune runs an AP follow-up on the New York Times story about deaths in Memorial Medical Center after Katrina, and focuses on one of the doctors who is most blunt in the Times story:

Dr. Ewing Cook said that as staff at Memorial Medical Center desperately tried to care for and evacuate patients, making […]

New York Times Magazine on events in Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans after Katrina

Sunday’s New York Times Magazine has a haunting account of events in Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans in the days after Hurricane Katrina. The piece is about the deaths that lead the the murder arrest of Dr. Anita Pou and two others, and the failure of that prosecution. The story recounts a passage […]

Judge Biggers recuses himself in Wilson v. Scruggs

Judge Biggers has just recussed himself in Wilson v. Scruggs. His explanation is interesting. He notes that the only thing he knows about the parties he learned by presiding over their criminal case, and that recusal is not required for things he learns judicially. He notes that the criminal case is over, but “the situation […]

Friday Morning Open Thread

I hear that Ole Miss sold out (50K+) season tickets and funds for individually purchased tickets for SEC games will be returned…