In New York, I think they’d call the first food item on this sign “pork cheeks”

This is the sign for a new barbecue place in Aberdeen that is actually opening today.

For some reason, the owner was very suspicious yesterday when a man in a dark suit got out of a car to take a picture of her sign yesterday. I wonder if the woman who was quizzing me […]

Wilson moves to lift stay to depose the Scruggs crew

Noting that there’s been a guilty plea and that DeLaughter will not longer be entitled to take the Fifth Amendment, Roberts Wilson’s lawyers have moved to lift the stay Judge Biggers imposed on discovery in Wilson v. Scruggs–a stay that only lasted through any trial in U.S. v. DeLaughter, which won’t be happening now.

Wilson […]

A haunting picture

At the press conference after the guilty plea, left to right, Byron de la Beckwith, VII, Tom Durkin (DeLaughter’s laywer), and Bobby DeLaughter. Beckwith came up and parked himself there after the press conference began; Durkin had no idea who he was.


News Reports of the DeLaughter Change of Plea

Jerry Mitchell’s story begins by focusing on the Beckwith prosecution:

Evers’ brother, Charles, said he’s saddened to see DeLaughter plead guilty. In prosecuting Beckwith, DeLaughter “lost a lot of friends,” he said. “To me, it’s such a terrible thing to see him go out like this. I just hope when the judge sentences him, he […]

First Person Account of the DeLaughter Plea Hearing

A student journalist writing as “Yall Politics Intern” has an excellent featured first person account of the DeLaughter guilty plea hearing. Perhaps regulars on the blog might see it as a familiar voice. It accurately describes the hearing I attended…

December, 2007: What went through folks minds

In November, 2007, Tim Balducci decided to come clean, and told the prosecutors that Jones v. Scruggs had not been his only rodeo. He told the prosecutors that there was this other case in Jackson involving Scruggs where he’d been directly involved in the corruption of Judge Bobby DeLaughter.

So December of 2007 was the […]

Observer had a question in comments for Bobby DeLaughter

I noted that, in the government’s factual basis, the government said that DeLaughter admitted to talking off-the-record to Ed Peters twice about the Wilson case, but no more, when in fact he’d talked lots. And lots. And lots. Observer gets the quote of the day for asking:

“I only had a couple of beers, officer.” […]

The Government’s Factual Basis to prove DeLaughter guilty: What Peters would have said

The factual basis the Government stated at the sentencing hearing had a lot of details about what the Government witnesses would testify about the Wilson v. Scruggs conspiracy. There’s news about what Ed Peters would say, in particular.

Peters would testify that he believed if DeLaughter would help Sruggs, Scruggs would help DeLaughter obtain the […]

From the DeLaughter change of plea hearing

This morning, Bobby DeLaughter submitted his resignation to Governor Barbour as a circuit judge. This afternoon, he entered a guilty plea to obstruction of justice under a plea agreement that (if the judge accepts it) puts him in jail for 18 months and does not require that he cooperate.

The real drama at the guilty […]

Ghosts who turn up at Bobby DeLaughter’s guilty plea

In the audience at the guilty plea, white supremacist Richard Barrett was seated next to Byron de la Beckwith’s son, who was wearing a bright red blazer and a confederate lapel pin. Barrett did not recognize Beckwith, who knew Barrett and was toying with him, saying he knew who Barrett was. Most creapily, Beckwith asked […]