Sunday Midday Open Thread

What’s new out there, folks?

Daily Journal reports new Ole Miss chancellor announcement is Tuesday

It also reports this:

Dr. Dan Jones, top official at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, is the odds-makers’ choice for the Ole Miss job.

Last week, state Rep. Steve Holland of Plantersville, introduced Jones during a House Public Health and Human Services Committee meeting, saying “We’re sort of calling him chancellor.”

Jones declined comment […]

Federal Writers Project “America Eats” published, reviewed by Johnny Miles

The WPA Writers Project was preparing a project called <i>America Eats</i> just as World War II began. Based on writing from across the entire nation, it was shelves, leaving work by Eudora Welty, Nelson Algren, and others unpublished. I’ve read bits mined by food historians and other writers (I think John T. Edge used some […]

Judge Sotomayor: Julian Sanchez gets it right

I’m going to quote the whole thing, which I do not usually do, and endorse it beginning to end.

Read the whole thing before you throw about the word “racist” again, please (and if you still chose to do so, look up the word “racist” and study the remarks again and think long and hard […]

From the Square at Canton

Here we sit in front of the stage for Thacker Mountain Radio. We’re the first set of stadium chairs in front of Slade Lewis’s stand-up bass. Stop by & say hey.

Friday morning open thread

I’m going to Canton tonight for the Thacker Mountain Radio show at 6. Is anyone else going to be there?

Local eating from the Oxford MidTown Farmer’s Market

I’m going to miss the Oxford MidTown Farmer’s Market tomorrow, unfortunately. Last night, I made a stir fry that was about as local as possible: shrimp I’d been sent in a care package from a client on the coast (a family who’s been shrimping for generations. The best shrimp I’ve ever had), along with […]

Judicial Activism and Whose Ox is Gored

In case you can’t quite read what the elephant says, it’s: “We want someone who’s pro-business, anti-abortion, anti-big-government, pro-gun, pro-GOP and oh yeah…. Anti-Judicial Activism.” (This was the best image I could find of the cartoon)

More on the N.D. Miss. U.S. Attorney selection

Yesterday, I quoted a story on the MainJustice site about the Northern District of Mississippi U.S. Attorney selection. I’ve had an authoritative source (someone in a position to know) tell me that MainJustice has it wrong about Christi McCoy’s name hitting a snag in the vetting process. The person who wrote me would, I think, […]

The Attorney General and the Securities Firm and the ghost of Dickie Scruggs

A long time ago and in another blog, a comment by NoMiss said:

I don’t know if this is the NYC law firm mentioned above, but I noted on the IRS report that NYC firm Bernstein Litowitz Beger & Grossman LLP contributed $25,000 on 9-14-07 and contributed $50,000 on 10/22/2007. Their aggregate contribution year-to-date was […]