They’ve confirmed the Tanguska Event was a meteorite

After years of being unsure, scientists have confirmed what caused the Tanguska Event:

Victor Kvasnytsya from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and his colleagues used the latest imaging and spectroscopy techniques to identify aggregates of carbon minerals—diamond, lonsdaleite, and graphite. Lonsdaleite in particular is known to form when carbon-rich material is suddenly exposed […]

NMC re-emerges, sort of but not really

I’ve been in trial out of town all week, not really able to read anything on the blog (I saw at least one comment demanding I respond about something, a demand that evidences a complete understanding of the reasonable expectations for those commenting on internet blogs).

I may catch up tomorrow, although I’m still in […]

Friday Morning Open thread

The spectacle part of New Orleans second lines in funerals has for a while seemed to me reaching uncomfortable levels. Turns out I’m not alone. New Orleans jazz player Nicholas Payton has an eloquent dissent to the recent second line for brass band leader Lionel Battiste. Really fascinating Errol Morris essay about fonts, of […]

Open Thread (Stanford update, and more)

While I’ve been busy, there has been some news, much of it on issues I’ve been following:

At his sentencing hearing, the Houston Chronicle reports that Allen Stanford almost edged up to an apology at his sentencing hearing, and then took it back. “He had tears in his eyes and said, ‘I’m so sorry,’” said […]

Monday Morning Various

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know we were going to be trying the case today.” said the prosecutor in the Zimmerman bail hearing. The prosecution was startlingly unprepared for that hearing on Friday, and defense counsel used it to their advantage. Defense called the chief investigator for the state– who said, “I was not planning […]

Wednesday Morning Various

The picture above is the John Wilkes Booth bobblehead that was on sale at the park service gift center in Gettysburg until someone came to their senses. I’m guessing it would sell rather well in certain areas rife with Sons of the Confederacy members. Obviously, what the world needs next is a Ross Barnett […]

Friday morning various

Scott Horton was not impressed with Eric Holder’s speech about drone assassinations. Slate’s explainer on the decline in number of Klan “chapters” is one of the silliest things I’ve read on Slate. Typical sentence: “Young racists tend to think of the Klan as their grandfathers’ hate group, and of its members as rural, uneducated, […]

Monday Morning Various

Barbour thinks the fight for the Republican nomination could go to the convention. Next month, the last volume of the Dictionary of American Regional English comes out. It’s volume five of a project that started in the 60s, and it ends with the word zydeco. Well, not exactly the last volume– there will apparently […]

Thursday Morning Various

Dahlia Lithwick has an entertaining account of the oral argument in the medal of honor case– over whether it violates the First Amendment to make it a crime to say you won medals in the military. By her account, first the Solicitor General was pretty well beaten up during his argument but then the […]

Monday Morning Various

A while ago, the Daily Journal had an article about a new historical trail around Bryce’s Crossroads (NW of Tupelo) that ranges across history including the site where Chief Tishomingo lived before Chickasaw removal, history relating by churches founded by former slaves after the Civil War, and, of course, sites related to the battle […]