I am considering a new comment rule

Update: I have changed the Commenting Guidelines to reflect (in boldface) the changes I am considering. Let me know what you think about the changes (as opposed to what you think about other folks making comments) in comments; I’ve about decided to do this unless there is a reasoned objection.

Before I state the rule, […]

Watch this Space

Will be posting, I hope later today, about the McDaniel election challenge. Lots to digest and much is occurring that is not the internet.

I’ve been indisposed for a bit.

Hoping to return to Earth shortly.

Photos are from a set shot during the production of 2001.

How people find this blog, and the name of the record store was Poplar Tunes and Pop Tunes

It’s always mildly entertaining to see the searches that lead readers to my blog. Omitting the ones that obviously were headed here (“NMissCommentor”), here’s the top five:

edgar allan poe original grave with a bottle rattlesnakes in mississippi chris mcdaniel is pitiful wrongful imprisonment attorney in mississippi poplar record store that you could listen to […]

Why some comments don’t appear

I have only a few criteria for letting a comment through. One is that I require a legitimate email address. I can’t always tell, but if at a glance, the email address looks bogus, I don’t let the comment through. Another is that I don’t allow sock-puppetry if I can prevent it. Thus, anyone who […]

I am the #1 answer (of 84,000 pages) for a Google search. The question?

Is poke salad poisonous?

I tried to answer this question three years ago.

The post has drawn the interest of thousands, always peaking in the Spring. It has also drawn comments from folks who have eaten poke salad or salat their whole lives with no adverse effects.

For a while my post about a product […]

You know you’re letting folks down with your blog…

… when your mother complains about the lack of posts.

Posting will resume shortly.

Where is the Folo blog?

Occasionally, someone will ask me what happened to www.folo.us, the domain where the old Folo blog lived, at least from roughly February of 2008 until posting stopped in March of 2009.

Apparently, sometime this Spring, the domain registry fee was unpaid and the domain lapsed. A spam site took it over, and pulled up enough […]

Some notes on commenting policy

I only rarely refuse to let comments through from new readers.  Occasionally, it’s been because of an obviously fake email address.  Other times, it has been apparent that one of a very few users whose commenting privileges were revoked was coming in under a new name.  A couple of times, it was a post from […]

New Mobile, Old Mobile

For users of the mobile (smart-phone, etc.) version of the blog:

I’ve just changed it. I like the new version better, but am open to suggestions. The change was prompted when, after updating the plugin that created my old mobile version of the blog, I learned from a reader that it didn’t work any more–you […]