Floyd Abrams rebukes his old client the NY Times for failing to publish the cartoons

Floyd Abrams, as one will recall, represented the New York Times in the Pentagon Papers case, and is probably the leading First Amendment lawyer of his generation. As the headline suggests, he rebuked his former client in a letter to the editor that the New York Times published on Friday.

The last sentence is […]

Instant Karma Is Going To Get Him

Apparently, Stephan Pastis has a taste for music puns requiring elaborate set-ups.

Highly recommend the Pearls before Swine cartoon.

Christmas music (and greetings): “Its Christmas time in Hollis, Queens Mom’s cooking chicken and collard greens…”

…Rice and stuffing, macaroni and cheese, And Santa putting gifts under Christmas trees.

Merry Christmas!

Run-DMC sings “Christmas in Hollis,” with horns and backing that really remind me of the Stax approach to Christmas music. Bear with the video until 0:47 point, roughly.


A Christmas Poem about King John

King John’s Christmas

by A.A. Milne from Now We are Six.

King John was not a good man – He had his little ways. And sometimes no one spoke to him For days and days and days. And men who came across him, When walking in the town, Gave him a supercilious stare, Or passed […]

Region’s Bank Customer Service

I have a few accounts at Regions Bank, out of some form of inertia. They originated when the place was called Bank of Oxford. Yesterday while I was out of town, some person at Regions called the office and asked for me and would not leave a number but asked me to call back.

So […]

Last night was a crazy dream, right?


There is going to be a party– Friday, Oct 17th at Freeland law office

We are hosting a party that is a tribute to Democratic House leader Bobby Moak.  There will be great music — a soul music with Effie Bert and friends– food, and drink. Here is the invite. You folks ought to come.

Brian Schmidt took his Nobel Prize to show his grandma…

In a Scientific American account of how the Nobel Prize changes your life, Brian Schmidt describes taking the prize to show his grandmother…

“When I won this, my grandma, who lives in Fargo, North Dakota, wanted to see it. I was coming around so I decided I’d bring my Nobel Prize. […]

Gone Gurley

With apologies to Cari Gervin, here is one from my friend Dwight New, Auburn fan/graphic artist.

Apple is promising iOS encrypts your data so securely Apple can’t even see it, or give it to law enforcement

This is the best announcement I’ve heard from Apple in a while. Lily Hay Newman reports on Slate:

In the new mobile operating system, all you have to do is add a passcode (which you should already have anyway!) to opt in to encryption that denies Apple special access to your data. Apple announced on […]