Exclusive Nick Saban Half Time Locker Room Photo

thanks to Sarah Simonson for executing the idea.

The Onion and the Mississippi Legislature: In a contest whether life outpaces satire

Today’s Onion headline: “New Anti-Abortion Legislation Requires Doctors To Scale 18-Foot Wall Surrounding Clinic.” The story begins:

JACKSON, MS—In an effort to make certain that physicians who perform the procedure are fully qualified to do so, a new state law passed Tuesday will require Mississippi doctors to climb an 18-foot wall before entering any medical […]

Buried in work but will be back soon. Meanwhile, here’s a laugh from the runoff campaign

New Yorker’s Borowitz Report: “Obama’s plan to pay people enough to eat stirs controversy”

Writes Andy Borowitz:

President Obama has sparked outrage in Congress and renewed calls for his impeachment by signing a daring Presidential memorandum that would pay workers enough to eat.

more here.

Oxford’s Joey Lauren Adams comments on her IMDB page….

Joey Lauren Adams Remembers Joey Lauren Adams Movies from Joey Lauren Adams

Calvin Trillin imagines home schooling with the Santorum family

It’s mostly about sex, but then there’s a history lesson:

Beginning the American history lesson, Senator Santorum said, “The framers of our Constitution, such as Thomas Jefferson, were Christians who had no intention of driving people of faith from the public square. They did not intend the United States to have absolute separation of […]

Sweet Potatoes in the news

Congressman Gene Taylor Travis Childers (whose district does not include the sweet potato capital of the world) is seeking $400,000 in federal funds for research to turn sweet potatoes into a biofuel.

I know there’s a relevant sweet potato joke lurking in there somewhere but I’m just not seeing it right now.

Update: The series […]