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Why some comments don’t appear

I have only a few criteria for letting a comment through. One is that I require a legitimate email address. I can’t always tell, but if at a glance, the email address looks bogus, I don’t let the comment through. Another is that I don’t allow sock-puppetry if I can prevent it. Thus, anyone who already has a comment-name is generally prevented from changing names. On relatively rare occasions, I have allowed a switch on request (and think that I’ve alerted people to the change). I particularly detest blogs that allow anonymous or sock-puppet comments, and finally end up with a feeling that the blog owner is talking to his or herself in order to create the bogus impression of a discussion.

Occasionally, I don’t catch the dual-name problem or bogus email until the comment comes through, but I attempt to enforce it as described.

These two criterion have caused me to not approve a handful of comments recently, which is what caused me to make this post.

General commenting guidelines are available here.

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