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The blog, two years in…

Two years ago, I launched the blog with a test post, then a few days later with a post about the prosecution of Bobby DeLaughter.  Beginning sometime in January of 2008, I had co-blogged at Folo, but in early March of 2009, set out on my own.  (I had an earlier experience about 5 years ago blogging about the Fifth Circuit, but only did that about six months).

Since then I’ve had just over 2,000,000 page views (the exact count I don’t know because I lost most of last summer’s posts and statistics thanks to a server move, a loss that included a huge amount of attention I got from posts about Constance McMillan’s case.  My current counter records about 1.8 million without that gap). Oddly enough, the case that started me blogging is seeing some new developments, which may well lead to an actual trial in April, which should be interesting.

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  • Anderson

    Two years old is, like, twenty-two in blog years.

  • Alan @ YallPolitics

    Well done. Leaving Folo was the best thing for you and you certainly have distinguished yourself even more since then.

    Happy blogaversary.

  • Terminator

    btw, Delaughter is out of prison. Didn’t see any press coverage of his release.

  • Congrats on the milestone, and while I certainly don’t always agree with your entries, I do check in periodically to get your take on things.
    Thank you for for promoting good civil discourse on an array of topics.

  • Judge Mental

    Great blog. I read it every day and have encouraged others to do so as well. Keep up the good work.

  • NMC

    to Anderson:

    22, huh? I guess that means we can take the blog to a bar and celebrate.

  • MB

    I also read you every day and very much appreciate your dedication to your blog.

  • Anderson

    I calculated the age with that possibility in mind.

    Actually, when you google up “blog lifespan,” it seems that 3 years is typical. So NMC.com may be in its 40s.

  • Ben

    Well done, Tom. You have carefully shaped this into an informative blog. I check it each morning, right after the NYT and WaPo … then I’m stoked for the remainder of the day.

  • Outsider

    Question: Are Mr. Peters and Mr. DeLaughter immune from further criminal prosecution for their conduct over the past few years? If not, who has the power to bring charges against them, the Hinds County District Attorney, Mississippi’s Attorney General, both, or neither?

  • NMC


    I haven’t (obviously) seen whatever agreement Peters has with the feds, but have a distinct impression its pretty broad. It’s conceivable it could protect him from other federal prosecutions based on DeLaughter illegalities. But it can’t protect him from state prosecutions.

    As to DeLaughter, he’s obviously done with prosecution from the feds about Wilson. That’s not true about Eaton, I don’t think, and wouldn’t cover state prosecutions.

    So the Hinds County DA could go after them. (pause for general laughter). Or the Mississippi Attorney General. Or the Southern District US Atty office possibly.

    Please don’t act upon any hopes that such a think could ever occur.

  • Rebelyell

    Happy birthday to your blog.

  • Outsider

    NMC, rest assured I have no bets down anywhere, but why the general laughter over the idea that the Hinds County D.A. might take these fellows’ misconduct before a Grand Jury? Public corruption on this scale (two major cases that we know about so far) warrants any additional criminal charges available under the law. Why do these guys seem to have a get-out-of-jail free card? Why will these prosecutors decline to exercise their authority and do their public duty?

  • silent observer

    An everyday read. Keep up the good work.

  • Chico Harris

    The death of David Broder today points to the importance of information sources like this blog being available.
    When big boys like FOX will give a ghoul like Glen Beck airtime because a certain element wants him to be legitimate and little boys like the Tupelo Daily Journal will give a fraud like Tim Wildmon a column because his daddy is in the Jesus business, the United States is in trouble… truthful information relayed with professionalism and accuracy is important.
    With the passing of David Broder, we have lost one of the all-time greats.

  • NMC

    Broder’s career-long advocacy of what he termed bipartisanship, which largely consisted of dislike of Democrats who fail to bend-over-and-assume-the-position and blindness to partisanship on the other side, has set my teeth on edge for decades, at least since I first became seriously aware of his byline sometime in the 80s, I think. So I have trouble calling him an all-time great.

    Important Washington journalist? Yes.

  • Hambone

    Congrats NMC. I don’t know how you do this and maintain your law practice.

  • NMC

    Hambone, it’s typos. The secret engine that drives the blog is spelling mistakes.

  • Hambone

    Glad to contribute, hope your practise continues to thrive.

  • Anderson

    The secret engine that drives the blog is spelling mistakes.

    If that were true, we could power the Manhattan electric grid off Matt Yglesias’s blog.

  • Alan

    100% agreement on Broder. The fact that he was called “the Dean of the Washington Press Corps” is a perfect distillation of why modern American journalism is a failed enterprise. To David Broder, bipartisanship exists when Democrats submit completely to the will of the Republicans on every single issue. Even daring to exist as a rival party to the GOP made the Democrats unacceptably partisan as far as Dean Broder was concerned.

  • Jere Nash

    To NMC and Alan — both of you are right on; you both captured my opinion in a nutshell. Thank you.

  • Chico Harris

    I guess Broder truly was successful, as he has been complained about from many sides.

  • Franklin

    Excellent blog. Your fairness intelligence and wide-ranging interests are certainly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

  • Roberts Wilson, III

    Congratulations NMC!

  • Rogen Chhabra

    Congrats Tom. I don’t get a chance to comment much but I’ve been reading since the FOLO days. I read you and yallpolitics every day. You and Alan should run against each other for office. That would be fun to watch. Seriously, we readers appreciate all the work you put into blogging even if we don’t regulary show appreciation by commenting. Keep up the good work.

  • WaySouth

    Congrats on a sucessful two years. Keep up the good work.

    I pray you will use your blog as a vehicle to join me and many others in our boycott of the anti-Semitic NPR.

    We are calling for an immediate defunding of that hateful and repulsive organization as well as boycotts at the local level.

    This level of anti-semitism cannot and will not be tolerated.


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