I am Tom Freeland, a lawyer in Oxford, Mississippi. The picture in the header is my law office. I'm on Twitter as NMissC

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The blog, two years in…

Two years ago, I launched the blog with a test post, then a few days later with a post about the prosecution of Bobby DeLaughter.  Beginning sometime in January of 2008, I had co-blogged at Folo, but in early March of 2009, set out on my own.  (I had an earlier experience about 5 years ago blogging about the Fifth Circuit, but only did that about six months).

Since then I’ve had just over 2,000,000 page views (the exact count I don’t know because I lost most of last summer’s posts and statistics thanks to a server move, a loss that included a huge amount of attention I got from posts about Constance McMillan’s case.  My current counter records about 1.8 million without that gap). Oddly enough, the case that started me blogging is seeing some new developments, which may well lead to an actual trial in April, which should be interesting.

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