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Some notes on commenting policy

I only rarely refuse to let comments through from new readers.  Occasionally, it’s been because of an obviously fake email address.  Other times, it has been apparent that one of a very few users whose commenting privileges were revoked was coming in under a new name.  A couple of times, it was a post from someone new that seemed close enough to slander to make me decline to allow it through.

Today, someone new posted a comment that took the view, essentially, that Emmett Till had it coming, and that outrage about his death was promoted by a socialist plot from the Federal government that went back decades.  The comment was loaded with inflammatory historical inaccuracies. I’m going to note this part of the commenting guidelines:  “There is zero tolerance for racism and bigotry.  I will delete such posts.”

This does not seem a topic for useful debate or discussion.  Emmett Till, a child, was murdered.  Suggesting he brought it on himself counts in my estimation as racism.

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