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New Mobile, Old Mobile

For users of the mobile (smart-phone, etc.) version of the blog:

I’ve just changed it.  I like the new version better, but am open to suggestions.  The change was prompted when, after updating the plugin that created my old mobile version of the blog, I learned from a reader that it didn’t work any more–you clicked on a post and got an error instead of the post.  I swapped to another, and like it better.  It’s still fast, and, instead of offering up a list of post-titles, it offers up the whole posts, and leaves you a click away from comments.

Any other thoughts?

For those wanting more information, what I’m using now comes with the WordPress JetPack.


One excellent feature of the new version is that the blogroll and other information is at the bottom of the scroll of blog posts; under the old version, the only way to look at the blogroll was to attempt to look at the full blog, which, as CRS points out in comments, was difficult to do.

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